I had an ex boyfriend who turned out to be a total jerk.  Not only did he have the smallest pecker I ever had the unpleasant experience of fucking but was also a disrespectful jack ass.  I broke up with him after 6 months of lies and bull shit. 

Not much later he started to stalk me and beg for me to come back.  This man who had the audicity to blame me because after I dumped him he could not be pleased by any less than 2 women.  You heard it gentlemen.  I was such a good fuck that not even two women compared to the wild passion I delivered to this man. 

I truly think I stayed with him so long because it was fun putting his ego in it’s place.  Here is a clue Rob.  Your pecker is 3 inches long.  You can’t eat pussy worth a shit.  You are not someone who should have a big ego and try to pull off being a stud. 

Rob kept bothering me more and more everyday.  I started to date Rob’s best friend Nathan.  Nathan could not stand Rob.  Not only was Nathan his SGT. but was the only one in the company who would let him hang around.  Rob considered Nathan his friend but the feeling was not mutual at all. 

Nathan was ready to kill Rob.  Nathan’s relationship and mine was of love and compassion.  We were mutual friends who were sick of the bull shit and wanted to have sex.  It did not last long but I still always wish Nathan well.  Nathan told me an idea.  Nathan said that it would serve Rob’s ass right to see how I really want to get fucked.  He loved the idea of putting that dick wad in his place.  Nathan and I both were exhibitionists anyhow.

Now the plan was in place.  I went to Rob and told him that I would only take him back if he agreed to watch my boy friend and I fuck.  Rob was to do everything I told him to do no matter what. 

That night I met Rob at his room.  We hung out and laughed a bit like it was old times.  Like when we first met.  We did a lot of smiling.  I now had two boy friends.  One to fuck and another to torture. 

After about an hour Nathan came over.  Rob looked pissed.  I told Rob remember your agreement.  If you don’t want to watch then I will leave you for fucking good.  He nodded his head and walked down to the chair.  His head hung low and kept looking at the ground.

Nathan grabbed me and pushed me onto the bed.  We liked it rough.  We tore off each others clothes.  I caught a glimpse with my periphial vision that Rob had his little peanut out and was stroking it.  He looked like the bitch he really is. 

Nathan kissed me as I was playing with his dick.  I was stroking slowly with a tight grip.  He then whispered in my ear, “Baby, follow my lead!”

Nathan said to Rob, “So ass wipe, I am going to show you how a real man fucks a woman.  I am going to show you how Sarah really wants to be fucked.  Not with a little fucking prick you got hanging between your legs you try to pass off as a dick.”  Rob was humiliated beyond belief about his small dick. 

Nathan stood up by the edge of the bed.  I started to suck it.  I took it deep into my mouth.  My pussy was so fucking wet showing off like this.  I could feel the juices dripping non stop.  God, I was so fucking horny. 

Nathan crawled onto the bed on my left and layed down.  He licked his lips with a big smile.  I climbed on top of him and he immediately went to town on my pussy.  He sucked on my clit.  He loves to spit a little on it and get it good and wet.  His fingers slipped in and out of my wet cunt.  He slid them back out and smeared my hot juices all over the outside.  His tongue slowly teased it was back to my ass and gave me a great rim job with his hot, wet tongue.  He kept licking my ass while he was fingering my pussy.  Nathan is such a great ass licker. I started to cum and my juices squirted out all over his face.  He licked them up with such a craving that kept me cumming. 

I then hunched over and started to work on his big, fat 9 inch cock.  He loved it when I would take it all the way in and hold it there.  I tighten my lips down and suck really hard as I pull it back out and in.   I kept stroking his balls.  I slurped up that delicous cock like there was no tomorrow. 

I had gotten three orgasms to Nathan’s one orally.  It was awesome.  The orgasms kept coming.  I kept giving Rob a glance and laughing at him.  Nathan came down my throat as I had it in really deep.  I swallowed every last drop.  This had to stick a knife in Rob’s back because I never sucked Rob off till he came.  The thought of that little pecker in my mouth caming made me sick.  I only like to suck on the cocks of real men and make them cum.  I swallowed every last drop of that yummy cum. 

I got on my hands and knees and Nate pulled up behind me.  My ass slid back as his dick slid into my pussy.  It slid in nice and easy.  I loved this.  I enjoyed laughing at Rob as I was fucking a real man. 

Needless to say we eventually turned Rob into a cock succer.  Rob kept watching us fuck for almost a year.  Nathan was bisexual and was determined to turn this little pecker head ass wipe into a cock succer.  Rob became very well trained.  He would suck Nate’s cock before and after we fucked.  Rob’s good little well trained tongue was there to clean up his messes when ever Nate came inside of me. 

This cuckolding experience was out of spite and revenge.  It turned out to be much more erotic than I could ever imagine.  I love the power rush and control.  My cuckolding experience grew into something I enjoyed sharing with my lover.  Sometimes I do it out of spite.  Sometimes I do it out of love.  I do not do cuckolding with every lover.  It depends on what I want and the type of relationship I have.  I fuck other women in front of my boyfriends much more often than I do with other men.  I do so love women.  Fucking a women in front of a man is one addiciton I will never get over. 

If this experience is too dark for you then too bad.  To know me is to love and adore me.  You should take it or leave it my dear.  I do have a darker nature and love to bring it out.  I am very well balanced and do not deny what I desire. 

Fly away with me:

Your passion has delivered you into my arms. 

Are you ready to fly away with me?

Fly into a dream filled with eurphoric passion and delight.

Surrender your will to me tonight. 

I am the vixen you fear the most. 

I make you do what you desire to do. 

I do the unexpected and make you do what you are not supposed to. 

Baby, can you feel that fire burn?

This lesson that you learned.

Has come to late. 

I am your Godess and control your fate. 


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