Today is just another day or is it?  What other naughty thoughts will I put into your head?   Why am I bisexual?  See, it started already.  You may thing that a bisexual woman is just so hot and leave it at that.  Have you ever stopped and wondered why?  I am going to tell you why.  So you don’t have to think because it just hurts so much to fucking do so.  Doesn’t it?

It is not something I always knew or wanted in life.  In fact it just happened.  I have always been a very big cock tease.  I loved to dance and kiss women to tease you boys.  The way you stare at us when we dirty dance at the club on the floor.  You all just swarm around wanting to join in.

My first true attraction to a woman didn’t happen till I was stationed in Germany.  My first roomate Tina was a lesbian.  No, i was not attracted to her.  It was one of her friends/gf.  I stopped being roomies with her after a few months but we remained very good friends.  She had a girl friend come visit us.  She was in a band over in Germany.  She had gotten out of the Army about a year ago and decided to stay there to live.

I went over to Tina’s room that night with my case of beer.  We were all going to party that night.  Tina could play the guitar and sing very well.  Tina’s friend that came for a visit though could play her ass off and sing like an angel.  Tina introduced me to Angel and fell in love immediately.   Angel looked just like Halle Berry.  I swear a dead ringer look-a-like.  Angel is the reason why I am such a fan of Halle.  Angel played the guitar and started to sing the blues.  I sat there and drank my beer in awe of how talented she was.

Angel left the next day and nothing happened.  I later told Tina of my fantasies about Angel.   She of course told Angel my little secret.  Should of known better but am glad it happened.  A month later Angel came up for a visit and spent the weekend with me.  We stayed in the whole weekend.  It was so beautiful and loved it from our first kiss to everything else.  She made love to me with such tenderness.  I pulled out my vibrator and had some fun on each other.  I enjoyed the soft intimacy us women share with each other.

I never did see her again.  What a wonderful fling it was!