Get his little fucking poser who wants to waste my fucking time.  This loser wants to do a two or three Mistress call with me and whom ever I wish.  He gives me a schedule of availability in which to schedule the call.  Okay, I go out of my way emailing each Mistress in our company to see who wanted to do it.  I had a plan and the other Mistress along with myself put time out of our schedule to talk about this to make it a great call.  We decided to do it on Saturday night.  I emailed him early on Thursday.  He doesn’t email me back till Saturday and says that he can do it Saturday night as planned but whined that he doesn’t have aim or yahoo messenger.  This lazy ass twit couldn’t even download something.

So, I came on at 7:00pm and left my holiday plans early so that I could do this call.  I had it all set up.  So, I email and him and say he best email me back and told him how lazy he is.  Here it is 8:35pm, fucking over 1 1/2 hours later and the twit still wants to call me but on Wednesday instead.  Oh, he said that he wasn’t alone tonight and couldn’t call me.  You fucking inconsiderate twit of a bloody crusty vomitous mass of dog shit, did not even have the courtesy to email me.  I told Miss Cassandra about this twit.  Oh, trust me she said, have him call me for 10 minutes.  So, I told him he had to do a call with her.  I’m finished with the baboon reject.

I did take other calls during this time yes.  However, you never stand up a lady or a Mistress.  It just isn’t good business.  I do not waste time with inconsiderate piss ants like that.

So, this little fuck face sissy slut suck boy gets Loser of the year award for wasting my time and trying my patience.  Email instructions were requested so he can continue to do calls with me.

Not going to happen loser!