I am laying here relaxing and reading a book.  You sneak into the room to suprise me.  You start by nibbling on my toes and sucking on them.  That is a great way to distract me from what I am doing.  I try to ignore what you are doing.  I am succeeding so far.  You kiss up and down my legs.  You slowly gently caress my calfs as you slowly linger your tongue to the back of my knee.

I am still ignoring you.  You will have to do better than that.

I can feel your soft kisses going up to my ass.  You kiss every inch of my beautiful tight ass.  You adore my ass and never tire of walking behind me to watch it.

Hee hee, I can feel your dick getting hard as it brushes up against my leg.

I am still ignoring you.  What will you do next?

Kiss my Ass!

You will learn hard and fast about what a cock tease I am my pet.  Do not eat me out or lick my pussy until I give you permission to do so.

You will kiss every part of my body while I ignore you.  I may decide to pay attention to you.  I may give you those long waited for words that you desire to come out of my lips.

“Have you had enough?”

“You may worship me properly by tasting my pussy.  I want you to play with and taste my tits first though.  You know I want you to take your time on my tits.  I love having them played with.”

“Oh yes, Oh God!”  You say to yourself.

I say to you, “I own your cock.  I control your cock.  I own you! Don’t I?”

You say to me with a moan, “Yes, you own me!  You own my cock!”

How is that for cock control my strokies?

Look really close.  Is your vision messed up?  You try to see the lovely vision of the beauty of my back side here on the screen but it keeps blurring over and over.  Keep looking closer and closer to the screen.

That’s right, now kiss my ass!