Hello lover, I just got home from such a long day at work. My feet are very sore. I do not know if I can make it to the bedroom just yet. Can you take my shoes off for me. You do love to worship me don’t you? I love leaving house in my little outfits I know you love so much when I go to work. You think about me showing off my sexy legs in these heels. Oh, you would like so just sit under my desk all day eating my pussy.

I will make a little deal with you. If you give me a really good foot rub, I might walk into the bedroom tonight to let you please me properly lover. Oh, that feels so good. Yes, You may slip off my heels.

Start sucking on each toe. Now, start to kiss my feet as you massage them slowly. Do not start touching my legs or anywhere else but my feet. I will make you stop if you do lover. (Evil grin.)

Now, I want you to sit up. Stay there on the floor just like that. Stick your hand down your pants and start to get it hard. I do not want to see that thing till it is good and hard for me. Oh you are hard already, then let us go into the bedroom.

(Looks back with a smile) Follow me!

I am going to lay on my stomache and let you please me now. Give me a good massage all over my back side. I want you to kiss every inch of my neck, back, ass, and legs all the way down to my feet again. Then you may come back after you are done with that. Then you may taste my pussy. I want you to take your time.

Kiss my ass literally! Start kissing slowly. Then trace your tongue down to my pussy lips. Start to kiss and suck. Flick your tonge back and forth slowly. Start to use your fingers by dipping them in to get them wet. Take your wet fingers and rub them on the outside to get my pussy all hot on the outside. That is right. Rub hot juices all over my clit and start to suck and lick it. That feels good lover.

You are much more attentive when I do not let you cum. I have something i want you to put on. How does that tube feel? Lay on the floor with your nose to it. I am going to hide the key now. Do not move until I tell you.

You hear my footsteps leave the room. I am gone for atleast 5 minutes. Now get up onto your knees and crawl to me. Good, Here is a glass of water I want you to take this viagra. Is this torture for you lover? You are so undeniably horny and can not do anything about it.

I am not finished with you yet. I want you to please me with my vibrator for the next few hours. I am going to torture the fuck out of you tonight.

You enjoy the fact that I understand you so well. I give you the sadistic torture you crave so much. I have complete and utter control over you.

I own you!

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