I am off today and up early to head up for a very big party. I will be back tomorrow taking calls and teasing you to my hearts delight.

I wanted to talk a little about Nipple Play and Torture. I enjoy a man who’s nipples are sensitive. Especially when he’s into orgasm denial. I am going to give some advise though to you if you are doing a call and are not at home naughty boy.

Some good office supplies or house hold items can be used for all of your bondage and torture needs. Paper clips work great on the nipples. I have heard of some using paper clips on the balls but they tend to break the skin and can cause abrasions. Be careful when you try stuff like that. Clothes Pins work great as substitute nipple clamps. Shoe strings work great for binding up the cock and balls. I also love to use shoe string as a whip on the cock. The tips sting quite a bit and work just as well as any whip I have ever had.

I am getting over 1,000 hits a day to my blog so I know you stroker boys are reading this. Most of you who call me have such vivid imaginations I get impressed by each and every last one of you.

My dead line for my body worship essay contest is tonight. Read the previous posts on it because I am not repeating my damned self. Any of you that have taken the time to listen to my audios know I have a very sexy voice. Who in the right mind would turn down a chance to get a personal audio made just for them inspired by what they wrote about worshipping a woman and how? Who? So quit being a lazy ass mother fucker and write something already. I will be checking my email box tonight.

Get down on your knees and kiss my feet you perverted fuck. You are privelaged I am even giving you the chance to do that.

Ooooh, I have other Mistresses who read my blog now. They leave me comments hmmm. When you get a bunch of men together in a room talking the intelligence level seems to go down and the testosterone level goes way up. When you get a room full of woman together talking we get more devious and scheme together.

Some of us Mistresses have been scheming to share secrets about each other. That Mistress will write about it in her blog. You will be stuck not only reading one blog but all won’t you? We will have you obsessed and adoring us all by the time we are done with you. I may share a secret with Mistress A but to learn about it you will have to read her blog and so on. I think it would be interesting to tell one of the Mistresses something about myself and to see their perspective and writing skills put it into perspective on their blog. Don’t you?