The following is a delightful email I got from a submissive of mine.  Now, mind you this guy is definately one among one of my new favorites.  He had all kinds of toys including the gates of hell.  I love playing with the gates of hell.  I want you to put my cock between your legs and bind it up really good for me.  He called me right around the holidays when things were still hectic.  Him being such a fantastic play thing that he is I wanted to share how much fun I had in my blog.  

As soon as he called he was very polite and attentive to my desires and wishes.  He was completely surrendered to my fem dom superiority.  Tease and Denial is one of my greatest strengths.  I want to understand you so well that I do not even have to be told when you are getting close.  I will just know because i am very attentive to you.  I love it so much when a man is as attentive to me as I am to him with my feminine manipulation and sultry seductiveness.  

I look forward to more sessions with this submissive habitual tease and denial addict who I like to call “Fuck Face.”  

Here is the email I received: 

Mistress Sarah,

I just wanted to thank you for your intense session last night – as you observed I was much in need of such a session for a while now.

I was stunned when you commanded me to cum – what with your cock all tight and restrained within the gates of hell J – I was surprised indeed, but ohhh did it feel good.  The first shot of cum shot across the floor followed by 5 additional shots…I was amazed your cock was able to shoot like that being all red and restrained.  The rings prevented full stroking which only succeeded in more tantalizing torture and teasing

I had a great time – I hope I did not disappoint…I wonder if I am worthy of an entry in your blog?   I’ll have to check and see…anticipation is have the fun J

What will be on tap for next time?  I can “hardly” wait – any homework or other assignments prior to our next contact?

I was enchanted with the manner that you could “read” me and make that part of your session with me…

———–The rest I am leaving out because it is just for me.——Tease and Denial addict, I hope you got all hard just reading about this.——-

I look forward to more tease and denial with all of my private stroker boys who know their cocks belong to me. 

I own you!