Congratulations to the winner of my Body Worship Essay contest.  The winner is “Teazed.”  He won an audio dedicated and inspired by his essay as well as a great picture of me. 

His essay was articulate and very erotic for me.  Teazed, your essay is truly arrousing. 

Thank you for the great job you did.  I have lost my voice and still didn’t get over my cold but am feeling much better. 

Teazed’s Winning Body Worship Essay

I wanted to respond to your request for thoughts regarding worshiping a woman’s body. Given that I’m the sort of guy who truly is in awe of everything that is soft, sensual and feminine about a woman and feels like the female form is exquisitely beautifully I thought I’d take a few moments to share my thoughts.

I imagine her stretched out languorously on her bed, naked, lying on her stomach. The way that her arms are drawn above her head and the way her leg is drawn up slightly, bent a bit at the knee, causes the sensual curves of her body to be tantalizingly displayed before me. Settling in next to her, I brush her hair off of her neck so I can softly nuzzle in to the base of her neck where it meets her shoulder. The first scent of her soft perfume and fragrant hair cause me to moan softly as my lips begin gently kissing…. licking…. caressing. She smiles softly, knowingly, contentedly, as she feels my fingertips begin trailing lightly up and down her back. No matter how many times I’ve touched her, the silky smooth softness of her skin never ceases to amaze me.

I allow the caresses of my hands to blaze a gentle trail down her back, followed closely by my tongue trailing behind, softly licking and tasting, and my lips gently kissing and worshiping. When I reach the contours of her ass she shifts slightly, drawing her legs and parting them slightly, making the curves of her ass an even more delicious treat than it had already been seconds earlier. My fingers gently caress then knead her flesh, the feel of her body in my hands making me moan softly with lust. My mouth once again follows, licking and kissing the curves of her ass. Nuzzling closer still so my face is nestled against the soft, creamy warmth of her ass my tongue trails slowly up and down the valley. My heart races as I hear her purr softly and gently writhe back against me, so I linger a bit longer. However, realizing I could easily spend hours in tribute of her ass I know I must continue.

With a moan filled with both frustration and arousal I continue down her body. While my lips and tongue orally worship one thigh, my fingertips caress and massage the other. Already I sense the erotic scent of her arousal, but I know that even when worshiping her, her most sacred sexual core is off limits until I receive permission. So, alternating back and forth, I caress, kiss and lick my way down her thighs, lingering behind her knees, then down her firm, shapely calves. By this time I’ve become so lost in every nuance of her that my mind is spinning and cock is throbbing. The softness of the soles of her feet and her polished toes beckon to me. I caress her feet softly, yet firmly enough that it does not tickle. As I do my mouth kisses and licks each toe, lovingly sucking each one for a moment as even the tips of her toes add to my lust induced haze.

When I finish with the last toe, she begins moving and I pull back, allowing her to turn over to her back. Slowly, she parts her thighs a bit more, offering me a glimpse of how dewy her silky lips have already become. I groan weakly, causing her to smile, and resume my journey back up her body. I take the same path, once more worshiping her long, shapely legs. The higher I go, the more apparent my whimpers of desperation become until she is softly smiling and chuckling at my frustration. I linger on her inner thighs, kissing and licking, allowing her heat and scent to overwhelm me, desperately hoping to hear her offer her permission.

When that does not occur, I continue my journey, kissing and licking my way up over her hips and her sensually soft tummy. When I reach the swells of her breasts I see that her nipples are swollen, puffy and hard, beckoning to me cruelly. Again, I know I must have permission and with a cracking voice I plead, “Please baby? Can I?” She pauses for a moment, grinning, making me wait, before purring, “Mmmm hmmm, yes baby…. go on….” With a groan of gratitude I softly cup her breasts with my hands and allow my tongue to swirl and lap her nipples. Her back arches as she moans softly, thrusting her breasts towards me as amazingly enough it seems her nipples stiffen even more. I take one nipple in to my mouth and begin softly, rhythmically sucking, while my fingertips roll and caress the other. She purrs and moans, her body now reaching the point where her lust has mounted to the point where it must be released.

Her entire body has begun an almost serpent-like sensual writhing, creating a visual display of maddening curves that nearly drives me in to a delirium. My still untouched cock is now painfully hard, swollen, dripping with precum in tribute of her. After worshiping her breasts for as long as my willpower can bear, I groan in defeat as I begin kissing and licking back down her tummy. No matter how good my intentions, no matter how strong my willpower, in the end it is impossible for me not to fall victim to the allure, heat, scent and softness of sexual core. My body is now shaking with need as my mouth works its way over her mound and down her hips. Almost sobbing with frustration my mouth moves past her silky lips, still not touching them, as I settle in between her thighs. My heart is nearly pounding out of my chest as my lips kiss and lick her hot, moist inner thighs.

Finally, I look up at her, my eyes pleading and desperate. At the same time, she looks down her body at me, her eyes smoldering with lust as she grins at me triumphantly. She revels in the fact that by doing nothing other than lying back and allowing me to worship her, she has succeeded in reducing me to her own desperate, needy playtoy. Unable to wait a moment later I plead, “Please baby, now? May I?? Oh god, please may I taste you?”

She laughs softly, seductively, and reaches down so she can entwine her delicate fingers in my hair possessively. I groan at the tightening of her fingers, then feel her drape one leg around my body as she pulls me in closer to her. That nearly drains me of my last shreds of sanity as I beg, “Oh my god please… I’m begging you….. please let me….” Again she pauses, drinking in the sight of the complete helpless and total adoration in my eyes. Teasingly she purrs, “You are sooo mine, aren’t you baby?” Literally fighting back tears from the intensity I groan, “Yessss, totally… completely… oh god yessss….” Her smile broadens and as her hands guide me to her sexual core she instructs, “Now baby…. show me how much you adore me….”

I drift mindlessly, totally lost in her, immersed and enveloped in her heat and dripping silky softness. Her thighs tighten around me, her fingers clench as she relentlessly uses me for her own pleasure…. over and over and over. Only when she is completely satiated does she unwrap her legs from around my body and release her grip on my head. She rolls me over on to my back and now stretches out along me, draping her hot, wet thigh across my body. She lets out a deep breath of satisfaction, then can’t help but laugh softly at the way my hardness protrudes lewdly straight up in to the air, throbbing, twitching and drooling precum. Her fingertips dance agonizingly close to it, yet carefully avoid touching me where I need it most. She kisses my ear softly and whispers, “Thank you baby, that was soooo nice….. “

I whimpered, “You’re welcome…. thank you…. oh god, that was sooo amazing…..” She purrs and snuggles in to me, allowing her fingertips to continue their maddeningly close caresses. And as for me, I can do nothing but lie still… waiting and wondering. Is her intention to reward me and put me out of my misery by treating me to a long, deep orgasm? Or, might she simply savor my frustration and leave me throbbing and aching as she drifts off to sleep? As my body quivers and mind ponders the possibilities I eventually hear her voice purr, “Reach for the bedposts for me baby………”

My reverie is broken as I realize I’d forgotten the other possibility. Her hunger to savor my frustration had not yet been quenched, and she was going to slip me in to the restraints on the four bedposts! I immediately complied, spreading my arms and legs, though I couldn’t help but whimper softly. As she lovingly restrained me she gazed at my already aching erection, then smiled at me and cooed, “I know baby, I know…. but, I want more…. tonight, I want you to truly, truly suffer……” With each fastened restraint my feeling of helplessness grew, and then once secured she snuggles in to me and eyes me hungrily. In a soft, sweet voice she purrs, “Now, first I’m going to worship your body honey….. then, I’m going to worship your balls….. and lastly, I’m going to worship your cock….” I moan and pull against my bonds futilely, and she completes her thought by adding, “…. and you… you’re going to show your appreciation by not cumming…. you’re going to let allll that cum build up inside you….. understand baby?”

I whimper, “Yes…. I…. understand….” And with that, I now become the recipient of her worship. Except, while hers ended in pleasure, mine would undoubtedly end in exquisite agony…. the sort of agony that only she realizes I crave.