Are you ready to play with me my pet?  I have a very big suprise for you.  I know that you love to play games with me.  Now, go get ready. 

I am going to dress up in my sexy black thong, tiny black bra that barely covers my nipples, 6 inch stilleto black high heel shoes, and black leather gloves that come to my elbows. 

I want you naked.  Be ready for me kneeling on a pillow I laid out for you pet. 

I am now binding up your balls behind you with a rope which runs to the door knob.  I tie up your arms behind you by the wrists and elbows forcing you to crouch foward onto your knees. 

I am using an additional rope to tie you up with between your wrists and then tie another to the stationary post directly in front of you forcing your head closer to the ground. 

I am walking in front of you and want you to stare at my shoes.  I cross back and forth, clicking away with my heels.  Pet, do not stray your eyes away from my heels. 

I click directly in front of your face.  I crouch down and reach beneath you to tease your nipples.  I continue to play with your nipples until they are raw and hard.  I know I got a rise out of your cock by this unrelenting teasing. 

I walk behind you now and pull your cock it backward between your legs.  It looks like a tail sticking out between your legs.  What a sight indeed.  I then pull the pillow backward to keep your cock into position.  I am now stroking the underside of your cock.  In this position is the top of the penis. 

Now my pet, I will make a deal with you.  Would you like to be untied or left like this for a few hours.  You can feel your muscles starting to ache and of course you ask for release. 

I will release you but you must allow me to play a little game with you my pet.  Do you agree?  I take a ball gag and apply it.  I tie it behind your head.  Let me explain the game is a game of moans.  I stand before you holding the rope that runs from your wrists.  It is the cause of your now aching back and armstand pulls it tighter increasing your anguish. 

Now pet, the rules of the game are that I want you to moan for me to indicate you wish to be freed from this hardship.  Three moans in a row indicate to me that you beg for mercy.  Howevery, I will only release you after you have begged after you have endured one more degree of cruelty from me. 

I walk away slowly behind you and begin to stroke the top of your cock.  Which is the bottom of it as it is tucked between your legs and pulled back.  I stroke until I bring you to the edge then I stop many times.  Each time I stop, I will ask you If you are sure that you don’t wish for me to continue.  I will offer you more pleasure for your cock.  If you moan for release from your bonds I will first bring you to the edge of ograsm.  You will not reach orgasm if you choose to be released from this bondage.  Of course though, this can go until either of two things occur my pet. 

You can decide to no longer bare your bondage and moan three times after I have brought you to the brink.  Which means of course that you will be relased by me.  I will leave you there with a fucking aching case of blue balls. 

You could also decide to endure as much of this as you wish.  I will be doing this to you for a very long time.  I will reward you with an ejactulation before I release you from bondage.

So my pet, you really are the one in control.  Are you ready? 

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