No matter what kind of sissy you are.

Even if you do not venture out very far.

In your sissy finest attire.

We women are suspicious and love to inquire.

Why does he stay in all the time?

That is a very obvious sign.

Are you a ballerina who loves to dance so graceful and fair.

You love to put pretty pink ribbons in your hair.


Lipstick, painted toes and nails, eye shadow, blush, panties, stockings, and bras galore.

I just caught you with your pants down and found you wearing panties.

This little sissy rhyme is for our sissies who love to be pretty ballerinas.

May all your wishes comes true,

Of sweet kisses,

From adoring fans all around.

You today are the center of attention.

I caught you with your pants down.

I see pink panties.


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