I am not a needy women who needs to be coddled.  In fact I like my space and privacy.  I enjoy people.  Meeting new people is like discovering whole new worlds with each interesting experience.  I am independent and very self reliant.  I am nice but never too nice.  If you are too nice people walk all over you. 

I think most of all the reason I enjoy domination is the thrill I get for taking charge.  I am a cock tease by nature.  I love to keep men hard and wanting me.  When you are hard and unsatisfied you are wrapped around my finger.  The delicous surrender that is handed to me when I do give you doses of satisfaction. 

I do not do this to hurt men.  I do believe that too many men lead their lives by their cocks.  I have found such erotic pleasure in bondage.  I feel deeply touched when a slave let’s me know how happy he or she is to serve me.  I get told a lot, “Mistress Sarah, you have set me free.”

Through bondage I like to set free the limits in your mind and set you on a course of flying high through life with me.  I do want to know your desires, fantasies, and erotic experiences that have occured in your life along the way.  Perhaps I will inspire you. 

You all inspire me.  If I get a shitty caller who is rude as hell.  I get mother fuckers who think they are calling the Miss Cleo Psychic Hotline.  Come on man, let me look into my bloody crystal ball and tell you your future.  I really want to take that crystal ball and shove it up the wanker’s asses who think they know it all.  Oh yes, oh great one, you know it all and with your powerful psychic powers are transmitting the necessary data and downloading it to my little brain.  Oh yes Master, how may I serve you and support your oversized ego?  I am so privelaged to have you let me dominate you even for a short minute. 

Here is a clue to most of you men.  I take my time to get to know you.  I want to know you.  I do listen and care.  If you are a small cocked habitual masturbator who likes to dress in panties and lick your cum off of the floor with some brutal humiliation.  That is what I will do to your sorry poor excuse for a man’s ass.  I will not limit myself to what you say you want either.  I will take your desires and twist them with my wicked sense of humor. 

I laugh so much while on the phone with most of you.  I have so much fun.  Most of you are so pleasing.  It makes me feel very fulfilled that we put smiles on each other’s faces. 

I know that most of you want to fuck me.  I would be insulted if you didn’t.  I am very sexy.  I will however never fuck you.  I do want to keep hearing how attractive I am.  What women doesn’t like compliments?  I do not like whiny ass kissers though.  That is borderline lies and faking the funk as far as I am concerned.  If you want to kiss my ass then by all means get on your knees.  Pucker up and kiss away.  Don’t forget to kiss both butt cheeks.  I do however love groveling and begging.  I have such a soft spot for the groveling. 

Call me, Mistress Sarah at 1-800-356-6169.  CLICK HERE to check out my bio at blackbookgirls, the Hottest Phone Sex Domination Site on the net.

Remember, I own your cock.  I take guided masturbation and orgasm denial to a whole new level. 

Am I really that scary?  Most men who are looking for a Mistress to hold their keys say I am too scary.  I turn them on too much.  It would be intolerable.  I guess I am extreme.  I do chasity training so well though.