We are having a 2 day Marathon today and tomorrow.  The Marathon ends at 11:59pm Saturday night.

I wanted to talk about one of my favorite past times which is cockcontrol.  I enjoy cock teasing and guided masturbation.  When I tease and deny you pleasure that makes you want me that much more.  You think high and mighty of that dick of yours.  I am here to knock you down a few knotches.

Will you object to my exploration of your dick?  I will be gentle.  If I feel like it.

Today I am the mood for hate fucking.  I will hit you hard and fast.  I will knock you off of your feet.  Then total manipulation of your desires resulting in total submission to my will.  I may or may not let you cum.  If you are not into orgasm denial then I will respect your desires.  I will promise to edge further than you have ever expected.  I can torture or please as I see fit.  I live to tease and please.

One of my favorite guided masturbation techniques is the wet pussy stroke.  You must put lubrication on both of your hands.  Make sure that you put a lot.  Now, flatten the palms of your hands and stroke your dick.  Stroke with just the flats of your palms slowly at first.  Each hand on oppisite sides of the penis like two book ends.  Slowly work your way up to stroking faster till you get a good momentum going.  I want you to quicken and slow your pace.  That is right.  The idea is to keep changing it up.  Now for a change of pace do this stroke standing up.  Move your hips like you are fucking a pussy.  You will feel vigerated by this stroke.  I am often told this stroking method is just like a wet pussy.  So, you are standing up.  Now, pound that pussy.  Fuck the best lover you have ever had.  Tell Rosey that you love her.  She will never talk back to you and treats you very well.