An unforgettable assignment for a loving submissivie:My dear sweet submissive who I adore. I have an assignment for you to last you till we speak again. I do not want you to touch your cock once today with your hands. You are only allowed to use household items. One item I want you to get is a make up brush. When you wake up in the morning you will take that make up brush and tickle your dick with it for 20 minutes. You are not allowed to cum but read there is much more to enjoy of this endeavor. When ever you get an erection, I want you to take that make up brush out and tickle your dick some more. Atleast once that day of your assignment task you will tickle your dick for a hour. Preferably before you go to bed. The required outcome of this assignment is I want you to go to bed horny and thinking of me. I want you to have soft, sweet, sensuous dreams of passion, and adoration. If you have a wet dream that night and notice you wet yourself. I want you to let me know. Either way I will be coming up with further unforgettable assignments for both of us to enjoy my love.


Mistress Sarah