It’s the day after Christmas, and not a creature was stirring.

Not even your spouse.

You creep to the computer with care.

To see if that porn you just downloaded was still there.

You find it all there and let out a sight of relief.

You being the real naughty boy that you, you quickly scurry to get your lube ready for your masturbation addiction.

Aren’t you sweet trying to not wake your wife and give her grief.

I am the Goddess Sarah and I see you for who you really are.

Your cock in one hand and the card in another when you give me a call this early morning.

You say to me, “Mistress Sarah, I am a Naughty Boy and love to be told how to stroke my cock”

I tell you how to stroke and tease for an hour then it quickly becomes two.

You try to hold back but do not know what to do.

You plead with me, “Mistress Sarah, please let me cum for you.”

I respond with a wicked smile, “I like to make you wait for awhile. You need to wait and understand what I say. You had your hand on your cock when you called me. You called your dick your own. When you called me on the phone. Look you little cunt, your dick belongs to me now and has since you called. Since you don’t like to listen, I am going to really swell up those balls that I own between your legs.”

You plead with me more and more, “Mistress Sarah, I love you! My God, I will do anything you say.”

I quickly reply, “I know because I own you. I have to let you go now. You have a good day.”

That is the story of the day after Christmas in the early morning.

I am very adept at leaving my pets horny and wanting.

Happy Tied Up Tuesday!

So call me with your leather straps at hand. I want you to tie up your cock and balls so I can have some fun with them.

Stroke your dick listening to the sound of my voice. Stroke slowly then fast and slow again. Now I want you to stop. Leave the lube on and zip back up your pants.

There will be no cummies today my minion!

I love cock control, tease and denial, edging, cock and ball binding, and some additional orgasm denial.

“Remember, I bite first!”