Worship at my feet. 

Worship on your knees. 

I am your Godess. 

It is I you must appease. 

You crave the taste of my flesh. 

You hunger for my delicous nectar. 

How high will you fly to be in my arms. 

You are under my spell. 

You have surcommed to my charms.

How low are you willing to go? 

Will you crawl on your knees to come before me?

Will you kiss the very feet you adore? 

I am like an addictive drug you crave.

You will beg me for more and more.

You are under my spell and there is nothing you can do. 

I have unveiled this untouched desire in you like a decadent flower. 

Kneel before me now, my worthy slave. 

I want you taste your Godesses nectar.

You will never have your fill. 

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