Here is the Definition of Prostate Milking from the Encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Prostate massage and prostate milking are terms used to describe the massage or stimulation of the prostate gland in males, either for medical or sexual purposes. The two terms are interchangeable, although “massage” is more frequently used when the purpose is relief of symptoms of chronic prostatitis, and “milking” when the purpose is the reduction of sexual activity or drive through removal of prostatic fluid.

The prostate is a part of male sexual response, and a key contributor to male orgasm. Located adjacent to the rectum, it can be stimulated manually. Seminal fluids collected in the prostate are released during orgasm.

Prostate massage thus refers to any action which stimulates the gland. Prostate milking more usually refers to the specific practice of relieving the buildup of seminal fluids within the prostate, and discharging them by means of massage without orgasm or ejaculation.

Now, this is a medical explanation of what one is. The reasons for doing so can be for numerous reasons. Now for my personal knowledge of milking and why it is done sometimes.

For some of you men who desire orgasm denial for prolonged periods of time. Milking can be used to release fluids. It is an enjoyable thing to do. The ejaculation of fluids is not as pleasurable as stroking your penis but is still fulfilling. It will give you a feeling of still being horny. It leaves the submissive more under control.

Self Milking can be done with success but with practice. If you wish for me train you on how do so. You should train your ass muscles to relax. Wearing a butt plug can train your muscles to relax.

I will reinforce negative and positive feed back constantly for your efforts. Do not be disappointed if you fail on your first try. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect. You can also purchase “milking devices” at adult toy stores or online.

Do not feel as though every man who submits to me must try milking. It is only if you are willing to do so. I do not have to coerce people to do my bidding, and I don’t enjoy it if you don’t.

There are many things to do that are pleasurable without ever having to milk. How ever stimulating your prostate internally along with constant stroking of your cock is a great and ultimately pleasurable orgasm for you. The rewards far out weigh your prejudices of stereotypes that are embedded into our minds since youth.

How we should act? How we should be? What is appropriate behavior?

I say fuck it. If you don’t wish to try then don’t. If you want to and can’t because of fear. Then you my friend are a pussy who needs my boot kicking his ass.