Imagine yourself on your knees before me. 

You look up at me with your eyes filled with desire. 

I have a sheet wrapped around my body to hide my nakedness. 

I pour myself a glass of wine. 

I sit on the bed and keep drinking my wine. 

I do not say a word to you for what seems like such along time. 

It is only for a few minutes but feels like hours with you kneeling on the floor admiring my beauty. 

That is what it is like in my precense. 

If you get my attention it never seems like enough. 

If I am into my own thing and just relaxing. 

I am not very concerned with you there on the floor watching me. 

It feels like an eternity when you are without me. 

That my dear is called lust filled obsession. 

I am a challenge to you. 

You can not get my attention so easily as other woman. 

So, my dear?

You are on your knees. 

What will you say to me?

How will you please me?

How will you adore me?

Just kneeling there staring and just watching will not get my attention. 

Worship me, adore me, please me, and tell me how much you desire me and why.

That will get my attention. 

I am patient and love to take my time.

Do you?

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