Hmmm, I thought that I’d do something fun and out of the ordinary for me.  I am going to share to things about me that I probably should not be telling you.

  1. I’m usually wearing sweat pants or jeans when I’m on the phone with you.
  2. I rarely wear heels.
  3. I drink beer.
  4. I really do smoke.
  5. I enjoy giving blow jobs.
  6. My favorite sexual position is being on top and second is doggy style.
  7. I have been perfectly satisfied by cocks that are 6 to 7 inches.  Quite frankly, I’ve had an 11 inch cock before and it hurt like hell.
  8. I am sweet and effectionate.  I serve my lover breakfast in bed and take care of him when he’s sick.  I love to spoil whomever I am with.
  9. I am single at this time and plan on keeping this way.
  10. I get off more by teasing cocks than ever letting you cum.  I really do love the control.