If you are into orgasim denial it is best not to watch porn or look at pictures before you stroke.  Go take a relaxing bath before you call.  Listen to some good relaxing music.   Before you call light some scented candles to help you relax. 

Relaxing will help you be more attentive to your Mistresses needs.  My needs are very important. 

I had a great caller yesterday.  He had never tried milking before but was willing to try it for me for the first time.  I could really tell this was his first time.  He was unsuccesful in milking that first time last night.  I was so pleased at his performance.  I love to practice until it is done right.  Then keep on going to get better.  I am an agressive at improving performance constantly.  Do not ever be afraid of failure.  We will just try again.  Your pleasing me by doing it the best you can. 

I like to take a very patient approach to my training no matter what it is.  His is orgasim denial.  I am a very big fan of using milking when I put a man into a chasity device or on an orgasim training program. 

There is nothing like having a submissive on his knees or back.  I’m probing his ass and feeling his prostate.  I put an ice pack on the balls.  There is a reason why I like to use ice.  I probe and rub it roughly till I get every last drop of cum out of his cock.  When ever I am done you are more horny than ever and want me even more. 

Now, Kiss my feet. 

Remember I don’t bite back.  I always bite first.  My beautiful friend Mistress Ava imformed me that she’s a biter too.  I took a look at her blog and she’s damned good. 

Contact me about your milking experiences because I’d love to hear them. 

Call me, Mistress Sarah at 1-800-356-6169.  CLICK HERE to check out my bio at blackbookgirls, the Hottest Phone Sex Domination Site on the net.