Here are the facts my dear,

I am a Phone Sex Madame.  You can acquire my services by calling.  I do how ever get picky about who I do calls with.  I can choose to hang up on you or refuse your call.  I do have power.  I am an experienced Mistress but do not just do Domination.  I do specialize in highly intelligent conversation and am a great listener.  I am not the one to call for vanilla phone bones.

If you see my online status saying call now that means I am currently taking calls.  If you wish to contact me feel free to do so.  I welcome pretty sissy pictures or a small introduction of yourself along with your fettish. 

I do guided masturbation, orgasm denial, story telling, role play, cuckolding, humiliation, tease and denial, cockcontrol, sissy training, feminization, coerce d bi, chasity training….

Do not just send me pictures of your dick no matter how big or small.  I will watch you on cam when if you call me.  I will watch you stroke it no matter how big or small.  I can state sending unwanted pictures of your member is just downright raunchy.  Please do not do it.  There are sites for that. 

We have free public chat rooms on all of our sites.  You can usually find me in one of them or one of the other Mistresses.  You can also hop from chat room to chat room. 


Call me, Mistress Sarah at 1-800-356-6169.  CLICK HERE to check out my bio at blackbookgirls, the Hottest Phone Sex Domination Site on the net.