Hello to all of my loyal fans,

I am moving tomorrow on Thursday so will be gone and have been off a lot.  I am sure that all of you understand what it’s like and how much work goes into moving.  I absolutely hate moving.   

If at all possible I will be working again this weekend and taking calls while all of our other Ladies from the LDW Group are on the Vegas retreat.  I wasn’t able to go this year but had a much bigger responsibility to take care of. 

I did talk to Ms Ally about my idea of a Tease and Denial Weekly chat.  She is having her designer do a site for me.  I am going to have my very own site which I am very excited about.  It is going to be called penis penitetary.  I do like to control orgasims and how often a man can cum.  I will say this.  I will not be doing training on cock cages/chasity devices.  I want to teach men how to control their orgasims and learn submission through training.  I do chasity device training on an individual basis if I choose to do so.  For this site I will not. 

I love this oppurtunity.  I enjoy the fact that I will be taking a softer approach to cock control of tease and denial.  The hard chasity life is not for every man.  I do enjoy exploration of all of your dirty little minds and want to see what makes you tick. 

Call me, Mistress Sarah at 1-800-356-6169.  CLICK HERE to check out my bio at blackbookgirls, the Hottest Phone Sex Domination Site on the net.