I decided to write down some encounters and experiences I’ve had in the encounters with you Chronic Masturbators.  You naughty boys know who you are.  You lurk in front of your computer goggling naked pictures of pussy and tits.  you slowly stroke off your cock switching paces till you eventually get off. 

Some of you decided that masturbation has become boring how ever and seek the aid of a Professional Mistresses like myself.  You have searched for Mistresses who train face to face.  Sometimes you have used methods of training by the phone.  I train you stroker boys on the phone.  I do give great training methods for cock controling and cock stroking methods.  I am ladies and gentlemen………. 

..Music and drum roll as I introduce myself…Get visual effects…The crowd cheers…..

….Taddaaa….The Masturbatrix

It is story time for our Chronic Masturbators.  Are you comfortable stroker boys?  Are your cocks hard and lubrication close and convenient for you to begin stroking?

The Wet Pussy Stroke:  Try a little different cock stroking method on this one.  Flatten the palms of your hands like two book ends.  Before you do that though puts lots of lotion or lubrication on your hands to enjoy this.  With the flat of your palms on both sides of your cock back and forth is how you will stroke.  I want you to do this standing up now.  Now, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke…Slowly now.  Hmmm…It does feel a little like a wet pussy.  Good!  Now move your hips back and forth like you are fucking a pussy.  Fuck that pussy slow at first.  Enjoy this stroke and have fun. 

Till next time and another new Chronic Masturbator Chronicle story in my new series by me the Masturbatrix. 

Mistress Sarah


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