Rules of my contest as follows:  Essay on how you love to worship a woman.  One page will suffice.  Please do not write a book.  Email me your essay.  Contact me  Deadline is December 2nd.


One of my favorite things to do is body worship.  It is absolutely awesome to do.  I enjoy doing it and having it done to myself.  I love to kiss, nibble, and caress every inch of the body.  I am a biter and a scratcher.  So you know what I do to the back of a big cocked stud that I’m fucking damned good.  I bite up his neck and scratch up his back with each and every orgasm. 

I do not enjoy being worshipped if it is not pleasing to the man.  The most important thing to me is what is giving you pleasure.  It is absolutely sexy when a man gives in his will to me and only wishes to please me. 

This is how I enjoy worshipping a man:  I enjoy laying my lover on his stomache and giving him a long, sensual massage.  He feels my hard nipples up and down his back as I am rubbing, massaging, and kissing all the way up and down.  I love to reach around underneath and slowly caress that cock slowly and gently.  I am not too proud and will even kiss his feet.  Roll him over and look into his eyes.  I love to give a lot of eye contact.  I am obsessed with mirrors when I am fucking or playing with myself.  I love to watch myself as I’m doing the dirty deed. 

I give all of my readers a challenge.  Tell me how you like to worship a woman.  I am bisexual so can relate to the beauty of doing so to a woman.  We are all beautiful and it is such an enjoyable moment to have.  It goes beyond sex and getting off.  It is about getting to know each other and truly please the other person. 

Feel free to Contact me on how you like to please a woman.  Please do not write a book.  I will post my favorites in my blog.  I want these days to be about pleasure for each other.

I want an essay dedicated to how you like to worship a woman.     

I will give the deadline for this by December 2nd.  I will post the winners soon there after.  The winner of 1st prize will get a free audio recording dedicated and inspired by your essay as well as a special picture. 

PS…I really do love to hear your insight as to how you will do body worship.  Body worship is a big weakness of mine.  I love being adored.  Hmm, make me melt. 

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Don’t I look hot in that picture?