I wish to give you all this advise for an enjoyable phone session. 

  1. Speak clearly
  2. Do not talk with your mouth away from the receiver.
  3. Advise you to wear a headset so that you can use two hands comfortably.
  4. Be respectful, rudeness is not tolerated.
  5. Speak up
  6. Speak slower if necessary to understand your call.  (Some of you get very nervous and talk way too fast to understand what the hell you are saying.)
  7. Do not get upset when made to wait for your favorite Phone Actress.
  8. Be patient!
  9. Do not get upset when asked to repeat yourself.
  10. If you wish for this to be an enjoyable phone session then you should comply with these rules.

It gets very annoying to ask you to repeat yourself every two minutes.  Most I can hear just fine at the beginning of the call.  I do not think most of you realize that during the session you are talking while excited and your mouth is far away from that receiver. 

My best calls are with men who are aware of this and become patient with me when I ask them to repeat themselves. 

I am always patient with my callers when they ask me to repeat myself or do not understand. 

If you lack patience, I tell you just not bother please. 

Sit back, enjoy the ride, and do not touch that cock till I tell you to do so.

If you wish this to be an enjoyable session you should comply with these rules.