For some of those that pay attention and are fans of my blog, here is some new news on my home front.  I have had major problems and have to move as soon as possible.  I finally found an apartment.  I should be moving by next weekend.  I will become more available once I get settled back in.  I hate moving and always will.  It’s for the best though.

On a better note though,  I now have a week to pack instead of thinking I had to be out by this weekend.  My friend Joe, who I mentioned before, is getting a visit from a mutual friend of ours, Chris.  Chris is a sexy, bisexual woman.  I have not ever been with either of them sexually, but we’ve been friends for years.

Chris and I both have been teasing poor Joe for years now.  This is a friend we adore and would never try to hurt him.  But God, It is so much fun leaving him with a hard on all the time.  We all met through similar interests.  We are all Pagan.

So, Chris is from DC.  She is driving up to visit Joe for the weekend today.  She asked that she have the first night with him but invited me up on Sunday.  So, I am planning a little get away.  Maybe a bottle of some alcohol, Tequila maybe, and have some fun.  She and I have it planned, though.  If I come up, she’s not telling Joe.  She’s gonna send him across the street to get coffee or something as I come in.  He’ll come back to the room, and we are going to be like “Oh…guess who’s here?”