A sexy friend of mine happens to be a swinger. Lisa’s  husband tends to be the more dominant one in their relationship.  He has fantasized about being dominated by another woman in front of his wife for quite sometime. I have had some  threesomes with them.  I might say, her husband can eat pussy very well.  I get wet thinking of sitting on his face now.

So, I set it up for them. I met them at a hotel. I called on the phone before I arrived. I gave Lisa the instructions for her husband to be ready for me when I got there. I wanted him to be completely naked for me. He was to be on his hands and knees with his face kissing the floor. He was not to look up or move till I directed him to do so.

I got there, and to my surprise, Tim was kissing the floor. She was sitting in a chair, as I directed her to do so as well. I had brought my own bag of tricks for the tasty couple. I didn’t want him to look up at me yet. Surprise is the key to the control. I was in control of what happened next.

I ordered him to put his hands behind his back. I took out my cuffs and put them on him.  I directed  him to look up at me. I was wearing a mini skirt with a sexy black and silver sleeveless top that tied around the neck. The back was showing and was barely there.   My finger nails and toe nails were blood red.  I wore black, open toed high heels with a 4″ heel.  I walked over to him slowly pulling up my skirt enough to let him see the black see through thong I had on.

I pulled out my 8 inch strap on dildo and said, “Stick out your tongue. I want you to walk over here in front of your wife, on your knees. Now, hold out that tongue like you can’t wait to suck on my cock.”

I could tell he was so hungry for it by the big hard on he had.  I was making Tim so hungry for what ever I gave him. 

We were in front of Lisa now. I told Lisa, “Look at your husband’s cock. Look at how rock hard it is already. He’s such a fucking bitch. He is my little whore.”

She spread her legs apart and started to finger her pussy. I told Lisa, “Your husband has such a nice cock. I am going to fuck your husband like my little bitch right in front of you.”  She started to have the juices squirt out of her pussy already.  She came instantly. 

Please remember, I still had his hands bonded behind his back with handcuffs. It was very hard for him to maneuver around like this. It is about his mind. The anticipation at what comes next. He didn’t know what to do.

I undid his cuffs though. I can use them later.

I told him, “Suck this cock. I want you to take it deep in your throat.”

Tim sucked on my strap on like a real pro.  If I didn’t know better, I’d of thought he’d practiced on real cock.  He took it back of his throat and could hear him choking good.  Lisa was still be a little slut watching us. 

Tim kept telling me, “It tastes to good Mistress.  I want more, please!  I am so horny for you.”

I got bored with his strap on sucking and ordered him on his hands and knees.  I took some lube and put it on there. 

I then looked to Lisa and said, “Look at this Lisa.  Look at how tight our husband’s sweet ass is.  Do you like this?  Hmmm?  I’m going to fuck the hell out of his ass like a little fucking  bitch he is.”

Lisa moaned, “Hmmm, Oh yes, please!”

I spread the cheeks apart and started to slowly push the strap on into Tim’s ass.  He slid his ass back a bit onto it like a pro again!  I held his ass firmly though and yelled at him, “Tim, don’t fucking push your ass back onto my cock.  I know you want it bad, but I’m in fucking charge. ” 

I took the dildo out of his ass and grabbed my cuffs. 

“Sit up now Tim!”  I ordered!

I put the cuffs back on him behind his back.   I grabbed him by the back of his head and put his face on the floor.  He just had his ass sticking up in the air for me while he’s on his knees.  I started to slide the strap on back into his ass.  I had a hold of his cuffs.  I was yanking on those cuffs good.  He kept moaning in pain and pleasure. 

Lisa was stroking her pussy away. Stroking her clit with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other. I was surrounded by two sluts. I love it.

(That is all I’m gong to share with you about that experience for now!)