Let me share a personal experience of mine with you.  I was a teenager still in high school.  I had stayed late after school.  I had left something in my home room.  I walked back to class to go get my bag and saw my teacher having sex with a student.  I sat outside the door and watched, forever it seemed. 

I was aroused by this.  She had such power over him.  I was the quiet girl in high school, who did not really appreciate her beauty very much.  In that moment though, I finally awakened my true power and calling.  I wanted her control, the power she had over that young man. 

He was a mouthy type who always talked down to us girls.  I knew better now.  He talked down to us because he envied us. 

The truth is, I absolutely adore men.  You do not realize how exquisitely beautiful each of you are, or can be.  I love to explore every aspect of a man’s mind and take him to a place of erotic exploration.  I do not have limits to my imagination.

A man is most beautiful, though, when I am on top.  I love to take control.  I know that my aggressive nature is a refreshing experience for men. 

I ask that you share your fantasies and desires with me.  I do not mind a challenge at all.  I crave it and live for it.  Can you how ever, handle being challenged by me?