I live for the thrill and excitement that come at me with each new day.  I am not always smiling, but have learned to take it all in good stride. 

Desire consumes your body to the core.

The sound of my voice has you begging and pleading for more.

You plead that I release you from my warm embrace.

Your heart beat races at the sight of me in black satin and lace.

My ruby red lips, like the rose.  

You think of how good they taste and smooth to the touch.

You never imagined that you could be obsessed with a woman like this.

For in my hold, you feel such bliss.

I have you sit on the floor before me.  

I take the heel of my shoe and caress your cock.  I slide the side of my foot up and down stroking very slowly. 

Your eyes are telling me how badly you want it. 

I pull away and laughing at how badly you enjoyed that. 

I am pleased by your arousal. 

I am the Lady you worship and adore.

For I could let you fulfill your fantasy a thousand times and would still want more. 

I send you an erotic letter smelling of my perfume. 

I catch you sniffing my panties when you think I am not around. 

I tie you to the bed, naughty man. 

I gag you with my panties, so you can not make a sound. 

I tickle your cock with a feather for 3 hours or more. 

I have just started, lover, you have no idea what you are in store for. 

I love to see you wiggle and squirm. 

Remember baby, my grip on your balls is very firm. 

Do not displease me or make a fuss. 

After all, it is all about my lust!