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I drove up to a town with a bunch of shops.  The mall is great but on a beautiful day like yesterday who can resist.  It is amazing what you can find in stores that are not in a mall.  I found a pair of custom made, knee high, 4 inch heel, black leather boots.  There is no way I would walk on the ice in those, but they are hot. I like to relax and take my time when I shop.   Everyone is in such a rush.  If you rush too much, you will let life pass you by.

I just started working for a great company being a Phone Mistress.  I love my new job.  I get to do what I am great at and have a lot of fun doing it.  How many can truly say they love their job? I am demented, wild, erotic, intelligent, and very sexy.  I love getting inside of people’s minds to see what makes them tick. I do bring out my own naughty desires from time to time as well. I believe lately I have learned an appreciation for the Sissies, though.  I know quite a few sissies in real life.  I have never talked to so many in one day at one time unless it was at a gathering of sorts.  LOL!  Women take their beauty for granted.  The sissies are like little ones denied their hearts desires.  I see them appreciate the finer things in a ladies life that most women just take for granted.
Note for those who are just getting to know me:
I get very busy, so do you all.  When I get a call, I do not sit at the computer typing.  I concentrate on that person.  I enjoy every moment I have with that person on the telephone.  Do not disrespect others by throwing a fit, assuming I am blowing you off, my dear. Respect goes along way, but needs to be earned!