Chris begged me to put him in my blog. I asked him several times, are you sure? Oh, the loser begged me to put him in my blog so here goes.

The other day he called me up and told me about what a small little cock he is. Not only is is ex wife using him for some sex but she has him sucking her bf’s cock. She measured and put them side by side and on top of one another. Chris felt like a little pussy with his 5 inch cock next to this big 9 inch cock. He can’t stop thinking about how he loves to suck cock now.

“A pussy doesn’t get pussy!”

Remember that fact if you are a small cocked loser.

I personally am very amused by such a small cocked wonder like this. Like, what goes thorugh his head to think he’s worthy of ever being with a woman like me or anyone else for that matter.

I love to tease real men who have real balls.

Men like Chris just make me laugh.

(Chris, this humiliation was just for you. You really do make my day and give me a great laugh everytime you call. I hope I brought a smile to your face.)

Please note: Chris picked out the name I would use when I wrote about him so that he knew it was him. No real names or personal information that could hurt someone’s privacy will ever be used in my blog.