There is no limits to what I will do to tease you. 

Your cock and desire are mine to control as I see fit. 

Lay on your stomache and close your eyes. 

I crawl on top of you.  Your hands are spread out to the side. 

I rub my hard nipples up and down your back. 

I kiss and carress your neck.

I suck and nibble all the way up and down. 

I whiisper in your ear how horny I am.

You smell my Obsession perfume.

No, You are not allowed to turn around.

I rub my hand between your ass and play with your balls. 

I then work my way up to your cock.

I lick your outer thigh.

As I take my hands and slip then in from the side instead.

I stroke and massage your cock. 

Your body, mind, soul, spirit, and cock are mine to explore.

I own you!