This is a little example of what kind of woman I am.  I am sweet, kind, and affectionate, but a very big tease, my dear. 

I have a great friend, Joe.  He is very sexy, indeed, but never could quite grasp the whole picture.  I started to dress sexy around him.  He is very shy and quiet.  He has a very submissive side he shows me, as we hang out as friends, but is not at all when he gets horny.  When he is horny, especially when drunk, he gets very domineering. 

I warned him many times I am not submissive.  I started off by having him walk behind me and know that he’s staring at my great ass.  I wear tight shirts that he can’t take his eyes off of.  After about a year, I started to show him my breasts once and awhile.  I got more daring with him and started to fondle them.  I tell him to kiss my ass as I rub it. 

I let him watch me masturbate and use my toys numerous times.  Sometimes he is not allowed to touch himself, or I will stop.  I will tell him he can’t cum if he does touch himself.  I do make fun of how horny he is.  How badly he wants me.  I will call him up before he is to go on a date or pop in for a visit.  I will tease him for hours before he goes out. 

He has been fucking other women for years now with thoughts of me obsessing through his mind.  Will I ever fuck him?  Hee, hee, heee!  I never humiliate him in a way that’s embarrassing, so to speak.