queening, face-sitting, domination

I Am the Queen, You are My Throne

I am your femdom, your dominant, your queen, your mistress, and it is your duty to serve me, even if that means I wish to use you as a special piece of my human furniture.

While I sometimes allow you to indulge in body worship, directing you to the particular part(s) of my luscious body to which I want you to attend while I stand, sit or lie back and just enjoy, there are those times when I want you to lie down and take what I want you to have.

This is when you become my queening pet…

Queening for Your Queen

When I tell you to lie down on your back and remain still -or maybe I bring out the queening stool- you know I am going to sit myself right down on your face and turn you into my throne.

I am going to present you with my magnificent pussy, hovering immediately above your face, and then I will lower myself until you can feel the soft, warm, dampness and inhale the magical essence of my most sacred place.

I know you will see each moment for the exquisite experience that it is. After all, my queening of you is an honor and a privilege…

I Do Love Sitting on Your Face

During the facesitting, my submissive pet, I am going to make certain my pussy -and perhaps my ass- are worshipped by you as I so desire.

I will push my body against your lips, tongue, nose, and chin, telling you how good it feels to sit there atop your face, squirming, rocking, and gliding for my own pleasure. Don’t be surprised if I tease you about how excited and hard I know it makes you when I dominate you this way. It does thrill you, doesn’t it?

Feeling my increasing wetness… my writhing against your face… the taste of my supreme nectar… It is nothing short of Heaven for you -and it is a manifestation of my dominance over you.

So, my pet, are you ready for your queen and your queening?


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