Interrogation is always a fun form of mean domination for me.

Copy of Simone (83)I want you to have a nice, dark blindfold.   Wrapping a sock over your eyes will also work in a pinch, if that is not available.   Imagine, if you will, sitting in a dark room.  You feel my beautiful nails running over your body.  You are strapped to the chair.

You could not move even if you wanted to.

Do you want to get out of this interrogation bondage?”  I purr in your ear.

You moan, but say “No”.  You don’t want it to actually end.

You feel my fingers wrapping duct tape around your wrists.   Then. you feel it being wrapped around your body.   I tell you it is bondage tape and not duct tape.  I usually use bondage tape which sticks to itself and not the skin.  But, there was that one time that I ran out and used duct tape.  The question of which tape I actually used is always a question in the back of your  head. A smart man would worry if a mean mistress did this to them….

Bondage tape would not hurt being pulled off.

Duct tape would hurt like hell being pulled off and I would laugh while doing it.

Sometimes, when you are blindfolded not knowing what is going to happen to you is the exciting part of this type of domination.  I ask you several questions.   I get you to confess to me all sorts of dark details about yourself.  You don’t want to answer but when you don’t you feel me take a metal ruler and hit your hand.   It hurts and I tell you that is a warning shot.

The next thing I will hit will be your balls.

Now, that I have added CBT to the fun interrogation, you are being much more forth coming with your answers.    You have spilled out things about your past, your secret loves and fetishes that you have never told a soul.   The metal ruler seems to get you to confess all your filthy secrets to me.

Your dick is throbbing from this mad torture and I have not even touched your cock.

This sounds like a great way to spend an early morning to me.

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Hugs and Kisses

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil)

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