Tease Princess MelanieSensual Domination with Princess Melanie

There’s more than one way to dominate, sweet stuff 😉

First, My Style

I am a sensual dominatrix. You can get to know me better at my blog. There is a reason I am the Tease Princess. I can be gentle and adoring or strict and unrelenting, depending on what you require.

Next, Your Assignment

What does this mean for you? You have to break yourself in, prime yourself for my special flavor of wicked. So for your first assignment, I want you to simply refrain. Refrain from touching yourself for two days, 48 hours. During this time I want you to continue normal activities. If you make calls to the service, continue to do so, but bring your Mistress in on the fun. Tell her about this assignment and that you are not to cum while completing it. Let her decide how to proceed with making this not happen during your call. Your Mistress will love it!

That’s not all. I want you to dig up the hottest pictures you have. You know the ones – the wicked sexy pictures of hot women or cocks that you pull out and look at when you want to shoot it hard. Look at these pictures for 30 minutes a day, each of the two days you are denying yourself. Edge yourself three times per session – that’s every 10 minutes. But remember – no cumming!

And Finally, Your Reward

At the end of day two you will be frustrated, but proud. Think you know what comes next? Here’s a tip, it’s not you. Remember, this assignment is meant to break you, I mean break you in 🙂 Your next step can come from only me. Soooo, dear stroker, I want you to email me at melanie AT enchantrixempire DOT com with the following in the subject of your email: “Mistress, May I?” And I will reply with one of three words …

Like I said, there is more than one way to get things done.

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