That cock and that cum belongs to Me!

Controlling Your Cock is Easy

You’re so easy to control my little pet. All I have to do is promise you the smallest chance of cumming and you’ll follow my every command. Have you read what I and my fellow Pain Mistresses, Ms. Delia and Ms. Sloane, wrote about discipline? It’s all about changing your behaviors, about making you respond the way we want you to.

Your Body Betrays You

I tease and deny you because I like to. Because I like to see you in pain from your swollen blue balls and your desperation to cum. I have another purpose in mind though, and that’s to read your body, to determine what works on you and what doesn’t. Aren’t you amazed at how I can stroke you right to the edge, and then just stop, leaving you and your cock dangling there? How I know just when to stop and take my hand away to ruin your orgasm? My experiences as a MILF, with so many pets like you has given me the knowledge of knowing just how far I can push you.

Cumming on Command

What if I could train you to cum only when I said so, and only on my command? Given enough time, and enough sessions with you, I could train you to the point where I could count you down to an orgasm. Wouldn’t that be fun? I could be really evil, tell you not to cum, no matter what I say, that having an orgasm will have severe consequences. Then I start counting down from 10. As I get closer to one, you’ll feel that urge building up inside of you, feel your humiliation as you’re powerless to stop it, as I whisper in your ear “3…2…1…now cum for me you slut!” Much as you try to hold it back, I’m inside your head, mindfucking you, and that jizz would just come shooting out of your cock. And then the fun really begins. You’ll need to be punished for cumming when I told you not to!

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