Pleasure is so decadent, don’t you think?

Do you know how to please me?  There are so many fetishes and BDSM activities I am well versed in and enjoy. You probably don’t know how to please me, but as a phone sex fem dom one of my most favorite roles is that of a Teacher. You may not know how to please me now, but you will soon.  That’s why you’re here, to please me! You should receive pleasure just from that fact alone.

Your first lesson

Tonight I’m in a very dark mood. You can you tell by my outfit – leather mini-skirt that’s only thigh-high, lace-up stiletto heeled boots and a corset which holds my breasts up high and proud – the quintessential Dominatrix.  STRIP NOW!  I want you naked, as all good slaves should be. Your first lesson is going to be in tease and denial. I’ll stake you out on the floor- secured and spread eagled so you can’t move, and we’ll start this game.

Stroking until you beg

Do you like the way my boots rub your tiny little dick?  It’s no surprise that you have to come to a Domme like me and asked me to play with you. You could never satisfy a woman with that little pitiful thing you have between your thighs. Do not worry, I’ll teach you other skills.  I’ll crouch over your head, my bare pussy just inches out of reach as I start to stroke your cock, ever so slowly.  The pre-cum your dripping cock makes is such a nice lubricant.  I’ll start to slowly lower my body down until I’m resting on your face.  Stick that tongue out and start by licking my pussy – JUST my pussy, not my clit  yet.  Are you getting excited?  What’s that? I can’t hear you.  Oh, you want to cum?  I don’t think so, not until I do. Your technique leaves much to be desired. I guess that means more lessons in chastity for you!


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