“Bow before me, knees on the cement, now! Lick my boots you disgusting excuse for a man.”

I say, standing before him in a black leather corset, panties and thigh high boots. He entered my domain, my keep and he is mine. He does as I say, and his tongue laps against the dirty souls of my boots. I laugh at his humiliation as his naked form below me attends to such a task. I order him to stop and stand. I look down at his pathetic little worm of a penis and can’t help but laugh as I clasp the cuffs around his wrists. I pull the chain and his arms lift above his head.

I put a ball gag firmly in his mouth strapping it tightly to around his head. I do not want to hear his pitiful whimpering and cries. I look down again and smile as I see his cock hardening. I grab it and stroke it a bit just long enough to get it rock hard. I then place a steel cock ring on it and began wrapping lengths off the scratchiest twine I have around his ball sack nice and tight. I could hear him groaning as his balls turned red, but this was fun.

Properly prepared, I stepped back and admire my work.

I looked into his now apparently frightened eyes as I lifted my bullwhip off the table. This is after all, what he wanted, to submit, to give himself to a strong dominate woman. I stood back and flayed him with the whip.

A crack hit the air and a long red mark crossed his chest. A groan came from him and I quickly lashed another over his skin. He appeared to be in pain, but after a few lashes the groaning stopped and I could see his cock move with each lash. I whipped him long and hard, no mercy for this pathetic waste of manhood. And then, after so many lashes I could no longer count, he groaned again, long and low. I looked down as he began to ejaculate. Squirting cum over the floor and all over himself. He had finally reached the point where pain and pleasure are one. He had learned.

I uncuffed him and coerced him to lick the cum from my floor as I continued to whip him, and he eagerly obeyed.

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