Have you been good for Ms Ivy?

You have been a good boy lately. Always attentive to my needs.

My house is immaculate and my laundry clean and neatly folded. And you’re always out by noon as I have required. I know you watch me, when you can, and you are eager for any attention I give you and you dream of me giving in to your ultimate desire. My, how pathetic you really are. But I have finally decided to break down a bit and let you please your Mistress.

I could see the excitement burn in your eyes as I invited you over and told you to be here promptly at 8. You have never been to my place at night so this was something new and your mind filled with thoughts of you and I together. I laugh as I think of it, knowing this is your dream and imagining your disappointment. But, I suppose if your dream is to sleep with me using your pathetic little dick, you are setting yourself up to be disappointed.

You arrive on time, dressed well and obviously excited. I pour us a glass of wine and I ask about you. I move close to you. I kiss you softly and ask “do you love your Mistress?” “Yes” you say as if in a dream.

“Would you do anything for your Mistress?”

“Yes” you say. And I kiss you again. “Then come with me.” I lead you upstairs to the bedroom and have you undress. I strip to my bra and panties and tell you to kneel before me. You do, and I step behind you cuffing your wrists and ankles. I stand before you and see your cock rock hard at the sight of me and I grasp your head and allow you to kiss my soft belly. But as you do a man enters the room.

The man is large and naked. His limp cock is at least twice the length of your erection. But you can’t see him yet because your face is burrowed in my stomach as I tell you your mistress wants you to please her. A muffled “Yes, mistress” escapes your mouth.

As I step back and say “Then I want you to suck his cock.”

That’s when it hits you as I laugh and he puts his cock to your face. Your hands are bound and I can see the shattering disappointment in your face as you open your mouth and take him in. His cock swells in your mouth filling it.

That’s it pet, suck it slowly. Oh I do love watching a man suck cock. I unclasp your hands and tell you to grasp his cock and suck it harder. You understand now what it means to be my slave as he face fucks you and I stand watching and loving your humiliation. I tease you to suck harder, I tell you how this turns me on, and remind you that you wanted to please your mistress. And you suck harder and harder until I see the final thrusts and hear you gag as he fills your mouth with cum. An orgasmic wave of excitement washes over me at this moment and I giggle as I watch the cum leak from the sides of your mouth and you try desperately to drink it all down. And now, your humiliation complete, I unbind your ankles and allow you to dress and leave. The night did not turn out as you imagined, but you did please your mistress and that was the point.

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