Mistress Ivy Likes to Teach New Students

Pain is a very sensual word to me. Of course I am talking about your pain, not mine. Do you like to receive this gift as much as I like to deliver it? Imagine the sensuality of the moment as I stand before you, my black leather riding crop in hand. You are naked and your cuffed hands are above you. Your pathetic little clitty hangs limp (limp for the moment, which is laughable). I chuckle as I poke it and ask you who you had ever hoped to please with such a pitiful little cock?

Lesson 1: Talking out of turn will get you Whipped!

You begin to answer when….crack, the sound of my crop stinging your bare ass hits. You yelp loudly and a long red mark stretches over your ass and the sound of your torment gives me goose bumps. Who told you to speak? I say. And without thinking you begin to answer. CRACK… another stroke and another yelp, a delicious sensual groan following it. I devour your torment like a fine dinner.

Lesson 2: NOT answering will get you Whipped!

Do you love your mistress? I ask and you look at me confused. CRACK again and another yelp. I asked you a question, don’t ignore me slave. Now answer! I demand and you daringly say yes. CRACK…yelp.. That’s Yes Mistress! I can see you have much to learn. I begin the lesson with another sharp stinging lash to your ass. You scream out this time as the crop burns into your bare flesh and I feel shivers run through me as I exalt in your agony. Now your first lesson is that you will always scream my name if you have to scream at all, and of course you will have too.

I rip into you again with my crop and you scream out.. “IVYYYYYY”. Good boy! You may have some potential after all. I may even have to allocate a cell in the Penis Penitentiary for you. Yes, I think that may be exactly what you need. After all, I need a new ottoman for my couch, so I should start training one now! Would you voluntarily enter Mistress Ivy’s house of pain?

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