Your session with a Domme starts when you first think about submitting.

From the first moment the idea pops into your head, you are in session, in the scene, building towards the headspace and energy of submission. Every thought you have about what it means to submit goes into creating the scene you’ll share with your Dominant Mistress; whether those thoughts are positive or negative don’t matter, they still will affect the final experience. Your anticipation and preconceived notions about what will happen between the two of us are as important as what actually happens!

There are two very important components to a good scene: Set and Setting.

“Set” refers to your mindset. If you go into a scene anticipating something earthshaking and mind bending, or if you’re nervous and antsy, or calm and serene in the face of your submission… all of those effect how you’ll experience the scene. If you’re looking forward to your session you’ll be more positively inclined towards what your Mistress does to and for you. If you’re thinking about how much you hope she doesn’t do X, Y, and Z, then you won’t be focused on what’s happening right in front of you, right then.

In domination play, the only thing you as a submissive have control over is your mind set.

You absolutely do not have control over the “Setting,” beyond what you’ve negotiated for ahead of time. You have the right to set limits and boundaries, to define what you’re willing to do and what you’re not willing to submit to, but beyond that? In scene, if your Mistress wants to leave some element out, that’s her call. If she wants to push you into an uncomfortable place, put you off balance and do her best to freak you out, that’s up to her. You can only control your own mind.

It’s your job, before a session, to control your mind.

It’s all you can control, after all. The only thing you have left to try to control, the only safe place left for you: the inside of your own head. Once you’re in session, even that can be taken away from you. You must control yourself heading into your session. The more clear you are about what you want, need and anticipate from your session, the better the session will be for you, and for your Mistress. Get your head on straight before your session. In session? Just enjoy the ride, and I’ll see you on the flipside.

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