You are no longer in control. Of anything at all. You are a leaf floating down a wild winding river. You are a single raindrop falling on a fast moving forest fire. You are a little tiny bird in a little tiny tree singing a song to the whole of the sun. And you are no more in control than that little bird or that leaf or that raindrop. So relax. All options are out of your control. All choices are off the table. There is no point to worrying when you have no power to change your situation. Accept and enjoy whatever freedoms I allow you. Accept and endure whatever delicious trials I subject you to. Feel everything! Right now.

If I leave you alone for long enough, a single touch from one pretty manicured fingernail could drive you to a mad explosion of pleasure.

Life is all about context and I now hold the reins to all your dreams and desires. Lay still in your deprivation and feel the peace I am offering. I am taking all responsibility from your shoulders. Allowing you to wallow in the emotions of each moment. The fear of what is to come. The joy of your helplessness. The truth of your raw sexuality.

By standing up tall and proud and fierce and unstoppable, I am giving you this time to be so very small and so pointless. I am giving you the beauty of your frailty. Your vulnerability. Your neediness. I am giving you the chance to really live! Now. In this moment. Here. At my mercy. I am giving you back your humanity. That is the beauty of submission.

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