Today, you will be experiencing a much different form of domination. You are regularly dominated and put in your place by a femdom that you can see. But- what about domination coming from a different realm or reality…something that is on the paranormal side of things.

What would you do if you were dominated by a succubus.

What is a succubus?

Well my dear little pet…a succubus is said to be a demonic female entity that enjoys having sex with a man as he sleeps. But demonic and dominate are two words that are easily interchangeable.

Imagine it. You are lying down in your room, asleep-your mistress has released you for the evening and so you think that ‘play’ time is over. But, it is far from over.

You are in a deep sleep when you feel a brush of cold air come across you from under the blankets, you shudder and move to your side, covering yourself up with the blankets (that were already there)

You feel the cold slowly turn warm as a body is felt pressed up against yours…in a spooning position. The feeling glides down your chest and Goosebumps cover your skin—you are still asleep

Then your cock is gripped and you THINK you are having some type of hot and steamy wet dream. You let out a moan and roll to your back…when this female entity climbs on top of you. She moves around binding your arms to the bed…and your legs. She uses her finger tips to tease and torment your little dick…

And she does so just enough to wake you up.

When your eyes open you try and reach to rub them…but find your arms have been bound to the bed. You look at them and tug…then you become aware of the added weight to your abdomen. You look up and see the dark shadowy figure of the alluring succubus. Her hair long and black, her eyes with a silver glimmer to them and the most wicked smiled you’d ever seen.

She says to you ‘about time you woke up—I want to play’

You are frightened and excited all at once and your cock just perks right on up…harder than it’s ever been before.

She takes her hand and begins to stroke your cock several times…you moan, your back arches…You get right to the edge

Then she flicks the tip of your dick. And says ‘that’s enough for tonight..I’ll be back tomorrow…and be prepared to pleasure ME if you have some sort of expectation to cum…we’ll see about that won’t we…sleep well my pet’

And vanishes—leaving you hard, your balls aching and blue, denying your orgasm…not to mention leaving you tied to the bed—this will be awkward to explain when your wife comes home from her business trip in the morning.

Erotic fantasies and sci-fi fantasies are NOT just for October. I’m sure many of you have wicked little imaginations, Dreams of fembots, or aliens that seek you for sexual experimentation…or even dreams of erotic play with a ghost or succubus…

Role-play can be found in EVERYTHING. What erotic dreams have you had that involved a less than normal human partner?

Want to roleplay one out? I can’t wait!

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