There’s a moment when you realize that you are completely at the mercy of another person. It can be terrifying and exhilarating. But ultimately, it fulfills what you crave.

Guys with silly fantasies need not apply here. I only accept those who want to be truly dominated. My name is Mistress Alexandria and you will come to know and respect me very, very well.

I crave pathetic submissive men like you. I loathe having you in my presence!

I am cunning and harsh, cold and calculating, and extremely cerebral. Just my tone of voice, or the manner in which I speak, will have you reeling.

I am prepared to twist and bend you to my will. It will not be by force, it will be absolute Mindfuckery! A true mistress of mean.

And yet, the first pain you will feel won’t be the slap of my hand against your ass, or across your face. It won’t be from the pressure of my stilettos on your balls. No, it will be from a single word.

All it takes are a few simple words to have you on your knees and begging to serve me.

I am very choosy about who I allow into my den of inequity, so we will have to see if you can pass the test.

There are so many examinations I can give you!

I want to see if you will sweat after I’ve made you stroke your cock for hours on end. Will you accept the ruined orgasm that I give you? Will you lick up your cum like a good little pet? You had better. You will only cum when I tell you to ejaculate.

Can you follow instructions? How far can I push past your boundaries?

How will it feel to be totally ignored when I go out to lunch and leave you hanging on the line?

Because with me the sky is the limit. I will have you doing things you never would have imagined. And the pleasure you will derive from just being in my presence will fill you up and satiate you like no orgasm ever could.

But don’t worry pain sluts. I don’t operate entirely without pain. After all, I said the FIRST feeling of pain wouldn’t be physical.

I never said the next ones wouldn’t.

Diabolically Yours,
Mistress Alexandria

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