Every Mistress has her own particular brand of domination. Mine is one of tease and denial,
cbt, and Goddess worship . Sensual domination means that I don’t scream or yell at you. Rather you Want to please Me. You live and breathe to please My every whim. It’s a mental manipulation where even your dreams are effected by My every need.

You essentially become a “girl” for Me mentally. This means you ache and long for My touch much like a female longs to be held. It’s a very powerful form of domination when you quite literally long for the words of your Mistress telling you everything is going to be O.K.

You would do anything to please Me.

In that moment of submission, you find that nothing else in the world matters but how I feel about you. You breathe Me into your essence and suddenly feel completely free. When a submissive reaches this point, you don’t care if you are feeling pain or pleasure. It all becomes the same and melds together to become one.

When the pain from My strap-on becomes too much to bear, you clear your mind and know in your heart that the only thing that matters is pleasing Me.

When I tell you to lick up your cum, you know that it does not matter if you want to do it or not. The submissive only knows that he/she MUST obey Me. It is in that time of complete and utter submission, that the slave truly feels free.

It’s very intense to give yourself to someone completely. But then isn’t life about exploring one’s limits and feeling the blissful sensation of being happy and free?

Talk to you soon!