Though I am known around these parts as The Pain Mistress (have you seen my site at I hope so!) ThatMistress instructions should let you know about my more sinister side and the hardcore things I love to do.

While I can dominate you very intensely and painfully, I also have a sensual side that I like to bring out sometimes. Today is your lucky day, because I am feeling like a Sensual Mistress tonight!

I have many fetishes I love. I can dominate in many ways! Did you know I love Pain & corporal, Hardcore Femdom, anal training, sissification, cuckolding, T&D, strap-ons, humiliation, CFNM, Medical Play, Dental Play, coerced bi, foot/leg fetishes & worship, body worship, Transgender, and many more types of domination?

Do any of these tickle your kink bone? I will bet there is much that does get you all excited when thinking about being dominated.

Here is my assignment for you. It is time to confess your kink cravings and domination dreams to me. Oh yes, I love a good confession email chock full of begging and pleading just so I might give you exactly what you deserve and also what you crave!

No matter what, you can be sure that I will take control of the scene and take over mind, body and soul. That is actually my craving as I love that power exchange so completely. I think you already know that. So, do go click the above link. Listen to my audios, then send me that needy email full of all those naughty thoughts you keep locked tight away. It is time, recruit, to let me be in charge.

For a controlling phonesex call with Mistress Delia, call 800-601-6975