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Ms Scarlet shares her gift

The package arrived via UPS. A long, slender box weighing barely anything. I already knew what was inside, having been given a ‘heads up’ by a caller that insisted on buying it for me. I didn’t bother to open it, rather left the package on my bed and waited for my submissive to arrive.

I Put On My Black Vinyl Romper

We had spscarlet11ent time together in the past; a domination session here and there. I knew his limits and he knew better than to test mine. I messaged him as soon as the box arrived; simply telling him to be over in an hour. I put on my black vinyl romper with classic fence net stockings and my favorite ‘dom’ boots that appear to take forever to lace but truly (and luxuriously) zip up the side. I pulled my hair back into a tight ponytail. Glossed my lips. Perfumed my cleavage.

One Single Cane. So Light, So Simple.

He arrived. I handed him a pair of scissors. Told him to strip down and then to go into my bedroom and open the package. I sat in the chair and waited as he opened the box only to draw in a breath as he saw what was inside. One single cane. Just one. So light, so simple. Just a piece of rattan. I told him to bring it to me. He picked it up and walked over to me, dropping to his knees and holding it out in both of his up-turned hands. I took it from him and began to inspect it. So smooth. No wayward fibers. Bringing it to my nose and having a smell. Taking my time while he stayed in position; I relish making him wait. Anticipation equals foreplay doesn’t it?

Anticipation = Foreplay

Using the new cane as an extension of my hand, I pointed to my boot and told him to show me his adoration. For the next hour, I made him prove to me just how badly he wanted to be the one to take the cane for the first time. He wanted me to break it in on his ass. Feeling he deserved it; I had him turn around and present his ass to me. I walked around his body, getting a feel for the right position for his quick caning. I told him to relax as I dragged the cane across his bare ass. I swiftly brought it up in the air and back down against his ass. Again. Again. Again. Four quick snaps with the cane, four long red welts already appearing on his skin. I sat back down in my chair and again pointed to my boots and told him to start thanking me. He floated in sub space as he kissed and worshiped my boots; murmuring his thank yous over and over again as his ass waved in the air.

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