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Mistress Piper uses Intimate Knowledge to Dominate You

Ms. Piper will dominate your cock and your mind!

Get on your knees and SERVE!

I know you very intimately. I listen to every word you say, even things you’re not aware you’ve divulged. When a woman knows a man, she can possess him quite easily.

I never yelled, and I never raised my voice. I never threatened you, and I never gave you any direct orders. Even so, you are no longer your own man. You are mine. As unbelievable as it may seem, you are completely dominated and controlled by phone, controlled by me.

You don’t mind, though, because you love the way it feels to have me in your head and to have me control your cock. See, I know what you need, and I make sure you get exactly what you need.

You think you know what you need. You think that grabbing your chubby any old time it twitches and making it spit is what you want, but in the long run, that’s just an empty endeavor.

The 500th time you cum and wipe it up with a tissue, you begin wondering what’s the point to all of this, and you realize there is no point to it. Putting your cock in my hand, putting your cock under the control of a Mistress, is where you’ll find satisfaction.

That hunger deep inside you, the one you can never satisfy? That is a hunger for your Mistress. It’s hunger for something much more intimate than what you have with those women you try to date.

You need to be known, understood, and completely accepted. You need a woman to understand it feels so good to be submissive.

You need a Mistress to take you by the hand, take you by the cock, lead you where she sees fit and never let go. You need a Mistress like me to own you.

So call me now, and let’s get started. You’ve gone without long enough.


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Submit to your Mistress Harper

You need to submit to your Mistress.

You know the inescapable truth of this, just as surely as you know your own name. The constant thrumming desire to drop to your knees and be relieved of your free will follows you from the time you wake up until you finally sleep each day. And . . . → Read More: Submit to your Mistress Harper

Ms. Piper Knows You Need a Strong Woman to Control You

Surely You Can’t Say No! 800-356-6169

One of the most commented on posts on my blog is entitled Men are the Weaker Sex and Need Women to Dominate Them.

I wrote that post over two years ago, and I’m still getting new comments on it. It obviously hit a chord with my readers . . . → Read More: Ms. Piper Knows You Need a Strong Woman to Control You

Everyday Domination with Ms. Christine

And Your Everyday Domination Assignment

Domination can be part of your everyday life…

Take a run-of-the-mill sex toy, paint it black or cover it in leather, rubber or PVC. And add the words or letters BDSM to the description and it doubles, even triples in price! But don’t spend all of . . . → Read More: Everyday Domination with Ms. Christine

Simple Self Bondage with Mistress Christine

All of My Bondage Slaves Love to be Tied Up

Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it!

Bondage is something that a lot of my callers are interested in and fantasize about. It can be something simple, like tying up their twigs and berries or wearing a rope harness. But real . . . → Read More: Simple Self Bondage with Mistress Christine

CBT with Ms. Piper is Domination at its Finest

Let ME take control! 800-356-6169

I’ll bet, for a lot of your life, the last thing you wanted to do was cock and balls cbt. And yet, now you find yourself on the phone with me preparing to do just that.

Most men would think this is a terrible idea, but they don’t . . . → Read More: CBT with Ms. Piper is Domination at its Finest

Embarrassed Blushing

Embarrassed blushing is hot.

I know you probably don’t think it is, especially when you’re the one being made to blush. But I assure you, darling, watching the blush spread over your checks, across your face… it’s a definite turn on. I love to watch you squirm in humiliated embarrassment. There’s nothing that fills . . . → Read More: Embarrassed Blushing

Cock Lock, Stock and Barrel: Mistress Piper Owns You

I want all of you. 800-356-6169

I’ve always said, if you control a man’s cock, you control the entire man. If you’re my slave, it makes sense that the shackles would go on your dick.

A cock locked man has no choice but to obey his Mistress. Not only does he obey because . . . → Read More: Cock Lock, Stock and Barrel: Mistress Piper Owns You

Fairytale Tease and Delay from Ms. Harper

Once upon a time there was a slut who desperately needed a Mistress to tease and delay his orgasm.

This poor sad slut was so desperate to be teased and denied that he would sometimes just close his eyes and imagine that he had a strong Mistress, and that he had displeased her. His . . . → Read More: Fairytale Tease and Delay from Ms. Harper

BDSM Training – Goddess Brighton’s Dark Fortress

BDSM Training with Goddess Brighton 1-800-601-6975

You come to Domination Boot Camp because you are looking for more than just a phone sex experience. You want instruction and BDSM training, you want a Domme to not just tell you what to do, but own you and mold you into a suitable slave. It . . . → Read More: BDSM Training – Goddess Brighton’s Dark Fortress