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You Lost A Bet With Ms. Piper, What’s In Store For You?

Mind fuck Mistress Piper know just what you need; Cock Control.

You Know You Need It!

You love that feeling when a woman takes control, don’t you? You love to feel her taking over and telling you what to do, emptying your mind of your will.

Increasingly, however, it’s not enough. Just a few minutes on the phone with me only whets your appetite. You’re satisfied for the moment, but the desire for me doesn’t go away. You’re getting no lasting relief from the hunger to be controlled.

Turn it all over to me, my love. Immerse yourself in complete cock control. Surrender to my hand on your cock, squeezing, stroking. . .

Oh, that feels nice, doesn’t it? I know just how you like it. I get you right to the edge and then I hold you there as long as I want. Until you start to sweat, and tremble, and beg. Oh, I do so love it when you beg! What are you begging for, love? To cum?

You don’t want to cum. Not really. See, when you cum, that breaks the connection. It so much harder for you to serve me, and I know, more than anything, you need to serve me.

So let’s just forget about having an orgasm, shall we? It’s just a distraction from what you really need.

Let’s make this mind fuck complete, shall we? Let me take full and total control of your cock. I know how to manage it and give you real fulfillment–fulfillment that lasts.

We need to spend quality time together, but until we can do that, I have a delightful cock control trance that will help me take full control of you.

Surrender. Surrender to complete cock control. Surrender to your Mind Fuck Mistress.

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