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Pegging with Mistress Christine

Does Pegging Mean You’re a Closet Gay?

Pegging with Ms Christine

Why do you crave a good pegging?

I’m not going to lie, some people think that the reason why you want a good pegging – even if it’s a fake cock –  is due to some homosexual impulse that you’re afraid to admit to.  Now, I’m not saying it couldn’t be that, but my experience with my butt sluts is that it has less to do with actual homosexuality and more with submission.  I mean, if you think about it, there aren’t many ways for a male to be in a more submissive position than with his ass full of his Mistress’ big, black cock, now is there?  Part of the male dominant role is that they’re the one doing the penetration, and when the Domme switches that up and becomes the aggressive one, penetrating the male, he becomes the passive submissive.

Fear Is An Awesome Aphrodisiac

A lot of what Dommes and submissives do, has an element of fear to it.  Is she really going to lock my cock away in that chastity cage?  How much is that cane going to hurt when she strikes my ass?  Is she really going to whore me out and make me suck her lover’s cock?  And there is nothing like the awe and fear stirred up in a virgin butt slut when his Mistress advances on him, with that big dick sticking out of her crotch.

Pegging And The Never Ending Hard On

You know what else he realizes?  That, that cock is never going soft.  Unlike in many other games you play in which the goal is to get your Mistress off, you can’t really see a clear end in site here.  Oh no, my precious butt slut, you will just have to take it until she has done what she will.  And of course, knowing that she can fuck you for much longer, and that you can never be as long lasting, also, tends to inspire a feeling of inadequacy. And  those feelings may even add to the humiliation!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine


Pegging does not mean you are gay.

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