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Kneel for Mistress

Of course, you should also kneel for anyone your Mistress tells you to. Kneel for Mistress, kneel for her lover, kneel for her friends while they laugh at you… You see, when you’re a submissive or slave, you’re below everyone else in your Mistress’ life. So it makes sense to go ahead and drop to your knees just as often as you possibly can. You don’t need to stand upright, you don’t need to try to be a ‘real man’ because you’re already a slave, already submissive. So you can let go of all those ideas about masculinity and proper male behavior.

When you kneel for Mistress, you shed the skin that the patriarchy forced upon you.

kneel for Mistress 800 356 6169Your whole life, you’ve had this pressure placed on you to conform to the standards of society. To be a Man, to be Manly, that boys don’t cry or cook, and you’re never supposed to get a manicure. All these silly standards that you have to do this dance to try to live up to, to be a Man. If you kneel for Mistress, you can let go of all those standards. You don’t have to be manly, you’re a submissive and a slave! You can cry, and you can take cooking lessons to please your Mistress, and you can paint your nails the prettiest pink, all because you’re free. Kneel for Mistress and become free…

That’s right. Kneel for Mistress and become free.

Once you’re free of all the restrictions placed upon men in our society, you can start to explore what it means to be yourself. When you no longer try to ape the mannerisms of a man, you can find out how you actually are, what really moves you, what pleases you best. In kneeling, you gain an unique freedom. Which is why I say you should kneel for Mistress, for Mistress’ lover, for Her friends, for anyone She tells you to kneel for. Kneel and embrace the truth of yourself: you’re submissive and free.


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Ms. Courtney’s Masturbation Interviews

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CBT with Clothes Pins

Put the clothespins on your cock and balls for Me!

CBT Training!

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Male Submission

Modern society has a huge fascination with the so-called ‘alpha male’ while ignoring male submission.

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Introducing the Enchantrix Perks Rewards Program!

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Ice Cold Ruined Orgasm

Ms. Delia’s Ice Cold Ruined Orgasm A New Way To Ruin An Orgasm

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Cock and Ball Torment Proves Your Submission to Mistress Piper

I want all of you.800-356-6169

You know, you probably wouldn’t think I’d love CBT as much as I do, but I love to put my slaves through cock and ball torment.

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