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Ms. Piper Made a Panty Boy and Now He’s Hooked!

Panty boy made by Ms. Piper is hooked!

Prepare to Impress Me!

My orgasm denial pet decided he needed relief, so I told him to make me an offer I couldn’t refuse. He said, “What about me wearing panties while I masturbate?”

That was a little too easy, so I told him he had to wear panties for 24 hours from the time he cums. He was so desperate, he agreed.

Next thing I hear, he’s totally hooked on panties! He says they feel so much better than boxers, and incredible on his poor starved cock.

He said he wanted to wear panties all the time. I think I just created a panty boy!

He started asking me what kind of panties I wear. He asked me what size I wear. Seems my panty boy has a crazy idea that he and I will wear matching panties, which is a pretty sexy idea the more I think about it. He asked me what kind of panties he could send me, that he and I could wear at the same time.

I have to admit, my mind got a little naughty. I started thinking about my former denial slut current panty boy wearing a nice sexy thong.

So I told him I would allow him to send me a thong, as long as he agreed to wear a matching one!

I think the perfect way to take my panty boy deeper into his new lifestyle is with a thong elastic rubbing on his butthole all day long! Maybe that’ll get him all soft and ready to do even dirtier things. I’m counting on it!

What about you? Are you ready to sign up as my thong-wearing panty boy too?


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A Submissive Spanking Inflicted by Ms. Simone

You will learn to LOVE IT!

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