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Does A Ruined Orgasm Count With Ms. Christine

Chastity with Ms Christine

Does Ruined Orgasm count you ask?

Are You Still Denied?

As you all undoubtedly know, I have quite a few chastity pets.  As I’ve talked about them, and about chastity, I’ve also let you know just how much I love teasing them.  Yes, while they are “away” from me – we’re not on a call, or I haven’t left them with any instructions, that cock is locked up in its cage.  When they’re with me though, at some point, that cage is coming off, so I can tease them, bring them to the edge…and deny them!  Even then, I might just allow them a ruined orgasm!  So, I’ve been asked:  When measuring how long you’ve been in chastity, does the clock “reset” whenever you’ve cum, ruined or not?

That’s Between You And Your Mistress

I know some of my Femdom friends are what you would call strict Chastity Mistresses.  Any amount of cum that escapes your swollen blue balls means you’ve cum , and that means you have to start all over.  Some of them are okay if it just dribbles out, but if there’s any spasming of your cock when that orgasm is ruined, that’s an orgasm in their book.  Speaking for myself, when I tease you, I want that cock to throb, to bounce, to spasm.  That just lets me know just what all my cockteasing is doing to you!

Orgasm is Emotional And Psychological

Think about the last time you had a ruined orgasm and the last time you had a full release.  Did it feel the same?  Of course it didn’t.  You see, there’s a difference between a ejaculation and orgasm.  Ejaculation means your balls have given up some of that precious jizz, but orgasm is the whole shebang!  A ruined orgasm may leave you frustrated, humiliated…and still horny. When I finally allow one of my chastity pets a full release, it’s satisfying.  Emotionally, psychologically and physically.  For me, that’s really when your chastity ends…and begins all over again.  Those first few days are always the hardest, aren’t they?

That being said… does a ruined orgasm start the “chastity clock over again? Click the audio link below to find out… 

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