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Ms Alexis wants TWO Mistresses laughing at you

AlexisFemdomPhoneMistressIf you follow me at all, you know how much I love breaking the soul of an unsuspecting subby. Taking what shred of dignity you have left and then squashing it by telling you what an utter waste of space you are.

Perhaps I should just have you drop your pants and laugh at that pathetic thing you attempt to call a cock. The mere thought sends chills up my spine and gives me goose bumps. Amazingly enough, there is something more incredible than this; that’s right TWO Mistresses laughing at you.

Two MEAN Mistresses make everything better…

If you truly want to be put in your place, then I’m telling you to add another Mistress to your call. There is nothing sweeter than hearing the melody of two domineering divas laughing together at how sad you really are. I warn you in advance, once we get caught up in the ecstasy of domspace, we might even forget you’re there.

We will enjoy our time together and perhaps let you in on the conversation if you behave. It’s truly magical to listen to. I mean both of us battling over who can make you cry first or perhaps who’s the meanest to you. What submissive worth his salt wouldn’t want that?!

We’ll try not to hurt you too much…

I know you can’t wait to start. I don’t blame you. But you really need to ask yourself, “Do I have what it takes?” Could you actually handle the verbal humiliation of a lifetime? I’m going to say no, but just in case you think you’re up to the task, here’s what you need to do. Click the little banner below this post, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Listen to Ms Alexis

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