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Creative Safewords from Ms. Harper

Creative safewords in domination games can bring a lot of fun to the scene.

creative safewords are fun! 800 356 6169In BDSM, the traditional safewords are ‘red’, ‘yellow’, and ‘green’. Just like a stop light, the three colors allow quick and easy communication between top and bottom about the bottom’s state of mind. When a top asks for the color, the bottom responds with ‘green’ for ‘more please’, ‘yellow’ for ‘ask for more information, but don’t stop’, and ‘red’ for ‘I need to be done.’ A bottom can also use their safeword at any point, especially the ‘red’ safeword, to ask for the scene to end. All that said, creative safewords can add a little spice to the scene.

As we all know, I’m a fan of humiliation games, so using your safeword to embarrass you is right up my alley.

Imagine that you and I are doing a scene. Of course, the usual safewords will get an instant response from me, so if you reflexively use them, I’ll respond. However, in a tease and delay scene, I’ll tell you to use ‘more, please, more’ instead of ‘green’, and ‘I’m gonna blow’ for ‘yellow’. ‘Red’ becomes ‘I can’t take it, please no more!’ I like using complex phrases because when you’re all worked up, you’ll forget the phrase. And when you forget, I get to punish you for doing it wrong. Five more strokes, or three swats on the inner thigh, or maybe another twist on the nipple clamps…

For humiliation scenes, creative safewords are a must.

If I’m already doing terrible things to embarrass you, having you say the most humiliating things is common sense. ‘Mistress, I have a tiny dick, I need to be punished’, ‘my pathetic dick needs a break’, and of course ‘red’ becomes just random animal noises. Creative safewords are a fun mini game to add onto any domination game you care to play.

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