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Ms. Piper’s Vibrator is a Tease Torture Device

men are the weaker sex

Get on your knees and SERVE!

You think I didn’t know you were plundering my sex toy drawer, but I laid a very cunning trap for you.

Now that I know exactly which of my dildos you’ve been playing with, you can be sure I’ll demand a private showing of all of your antics. If you give me a very good show, I’ll treat you to a nice little show of my own. I know you’re dying to watch me stick my biggest dildo to the wall and bend over to fuck it!

Oh, I’ll let you watch me grind on that gigantic cock, but first you have to do a little something for me. I want to have a little fun. I noticed you grabbed my dildos and anal plugs, but left my nice electric vibrator in the bottom of the drawer.

Don’t you know the electric vibrator is the best thing in my toy drawer? Allow me to demonstrate!

First we’ll just restrain you, so I can have complete control. Legs spread, all of your goodies available for the most fun possible, I’ll start you off with a nice slow stroking. Oh, I know how you like it, don’t worry about that. When your eyes begin to close and you’re sliding into that blissful state of near orgasm, you don’t even notice the buzzing.

I start it out on low, and I place the big head under your balls, nice and gentle. Oh, somebody’s trying to spread his legs a little more and give me better access to your ass!

I’m sorry, I can’t untie you, because eventually, I’m going to grab the head of your cock and vibrate it until you begin to squirm. Oh? That’s too intense?

Too bad! You’re at my mercy, and I’ll be teasing your cock all night. I’ll get you close to orgasm, and then I’ll bring you down, only to buzz your cock head to the point of madness. That’ll teach you to defile my toy drawer without permission!

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