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Ms. Piper’s Humiliation Slut On Display

Humiliation phone sex mistress

Time to confess all of your nasty fantasies.

What did you say porky? You want permission to cum?

Slow down porky, no cumming just yet. We need to set some ground rules first.

Keep stroking that little dick real slow. Keep it right on the edge, with slow strokes right under the head.

I also want you to slide your hairbrush in and out of your asshole and while you do it I want to hear you chant “I am a disgusting fucking slut and I like to do disgusting fucking things for my Mistress!”

Say it over and over while you stroke that pathetic little dick AND…….. you better not cum.

OK porky that’s enough. I have decided your fate. I was going to make you eat your cum, but I have a more devious idea.

When you cum I want you to cum in your hand then pour it in your mouth but do not swallow it.

Just hold it there in your fat fucking mouth.

We are going to play some cum eating games. Are you ready to cum? Stroke your cock real hard.

I want to see your balls bouncing around as you pump your porky penis.

Grab your balls and pinch your nipples.

When you are ready to blow that load I want to hear you say “Mistress please make me your cum slut!

That’s it porky, cum! Cum in your hand, and get it all out. Oh my God that is a big load. Look at it all. We are really going to have fun now!

Ok porky, get ready to be humiliated.

(Special thanks to the nasty cum slut dickwacker who wrote this essay. Read his other hardcore humiliation fantasy on my blog.)

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