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Simple Self Bondage with Mistress Christine

All Of My Bondage Slaves Love To Be Tied Up

Follow Ms. Christine's directions for simple self bondage.

Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it!

Bondage is something that a lot of my callers are interested in and fantasize about. It can be something simple, like tying up their twigs and berries, or wearing a rope harness. But real bondage is difficult to do on a phone sex session, and for some of my callers, just having me tell them how I’d tie them up is enough. Others need something physical, and that’s where self bondage can come into play.

Obligatory Bondage Safety Warnings:

  1. Never tie anything so tight that it cuts off circulation. Blue Balls are a figurative turn of phrase, they aren’t supposed to literally turn blue!
  2. Have something within reach that you can use to cut yourself out – paramedic shears work great – OR let a trusted friend know what you’ll be doing and have them check on you in a certain period of time.

Tools For Simple Self Bondage

With this self bondage method, you don’t need any specifically BDSM items. Everything you need you can get at a local store – without raising too many eyebrows and humiliating yourself! It’s not like when I send you out on a sissy shopping trip. So, here’s what you need:

– A bed with a solid frame.
– A long rope, about 20 feet long, cut in half
– 4 dog collars with buckle and D-ring
– 2 small padlocks. The padlock ring should be small enough to pass through the buckle holes on the collar
– A sock
– A smooth metallic ring
– A cord
– A large chunk of ice

Tie Yourself Up

Start by freezing all the padlock keys in a big chunk of ice. The bigger the chunk, the longer you’re going to be bound! Now, loop one of the ropes to part of the foot of the bed, and the other rope at the head, leaving the loose ends on the bed near where your hands and feet will be. Attach each dog collar to the loose ends of the rope at the D-rings.

Once that’s done, put the chunk of ice in the sock, tie it up, then loop it through the smooth metal ring – a cock ring would work beautifully – tie the cord to the ring, and then secure the cord to a rope near your hands, and the sock to the end by your feet. Make sure it’s within reach once your secure. Now all you need to do is secure your hands and feet inside the cuffs and lock them on.

Now you’re my bound slut aren’t you? At least until the ice melts anyway! Want some more fun? Before you lock up your hands, tie up your cock and balls, or tape a bullet vibrator to your shaft and turn it on, or slide a vibrating butt plug up your ass. Hell, you’re a slut, do all three!

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