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Cock and Ball Torture Domination

Welcome to My version of CBT Domination.Ms. Simone has a special version of CBT Domination just for you.

Meet Agent Simone….

Mistress of the Early Light and Master of the Dark Arts.

Hello, boys….

Welcome to My lair of masks and deceptions.  Here lies the play upon the words and the dance of the cock.  You enter my lair of your own free will, with your head bowed and ready to be submissive to My whims.   The only question is….

What shall we do with your cock?

Shall we tie it up with rope all the way to the tip and torture it within an inch of it crying out?

Or, perhaps we should lock it up so it never grows at all?  

Perhaps it is a dirty cock that needs to be punished with CBT.   Cock and ball torture need not be only about morbid cruelty to be fun.   It can be about the illusion of cruelty.  I don’t have to turn it black and blue for you to be scared that I will.   You could be completely tied up and think I am going to hurt you while you are blindfolded.

Don’t you Trust Me?

Perhaps, in this role play, you are a spy that I catch and must torture until I get your secret information.  I might have to use my pin wheel or my wooden paddle or spoon on your balls to  to make you talk.   I assure you that, being a Master in the dark arts, I have ways of making you squirm and squeal.

There is no use running, once caught in my evil web.   It is useless to try to leave.  Your cock and balls are going to be tortured.   The only way to get out of it is to give me what I want.   Don’t worry about what I want, as I won’t want that much…

I’ll only want your cock and balls to be completely obedient.  

I might be a strict Mistress one day and a sensual mean mistress the next.   It really doesn’t matter what My mood is, only that you obey it.  Once your cock obeys me, your mind will break and you will fully belong to me.  Of course, there are benefits to your cock belonging to the darkness.   But, that is for anther blog post.

Give into your Darkness.

Hugs and Kisses!

Demon Mistress Simone

(cause it’s fun being evil)


CBT DOmination by Mistress Simone

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