Domination Governess Style

Domination Implements Caning, cropping, the English Tawse, spanking, and the freshly cut birch rod are the implements of discipline I love most. Nothing says Dominatrix like a ride in the country with slave, and then stopping at a forest of...

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EmmaJane On Spanking and Submission

Spanking: Your Red Bottom Is a Gift to Me While I am very fond of being presented with tokens of adoration and honor, such as heels, jewelry, handbags, and various other feminine trappings, I am especially fond of one-of-a-kind gifts that can...

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Domination the Strap-On Way

Shagging the Sissy A sissy always needs to be reminded of her place, and what better way to do that than to lift her skirt, pull down those pretty pink panties and give her a good pegging. After all, a sissy -while she will never be a real woman- needs to learn how to...

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Virtual Domination

What's the deal with virtual domination? Isn't doing things virtually just a pale shadow of what happens in the real world? Why would anyone want to do such intimately sexual things over a computer simulation, anyway? These are the sorts of things people say to cover...

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Kneel for Mistress

Of course, you should also kneel for anyone your Mistress tells you to. Kneel for Mistress, kneel for her lover, kneel for her friends while they laugh at you... You see, when you're a submissive or slave, you're below everyone else in your Mistress' life. So it makes...

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CBT with Clothes Pins

Put the clothespins on your cock and balls for Me! The key to clothespins CBT is to forget that you have them on. That is where I come in. I can slip into your mind and help you forget that nagging ache between your legs. You don't want to think about the pain, so,...

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Male Submission

Modern society has a huge fascination with the so-called 'alpha male' while ignoring male submission. Male submission, you see, is a needed and vital part of human society! Without the ability to submit and give in, negotiate, compromise, and make deals, society would...

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Ice Cold Ruined Orgasm

Ms. Delia’s Ice Cold Ruined Orgasm A New Way To Ruin An Orgasm Let’s face it, there are so many ways to ruin your orgasm for your Mistress.  You can abandon it, just let go at the point of no return.  You can squelch it or scrunch it, squeezing the shaft. You can...

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